The Exigent Duality
Need a New Hobby - 11:41 CDT, 11/07/22 (Sniper)
Read the below on a gaming forum this morning, it's so good I wanted to make it visible here:

"When creating a game, rather than looking at everything that has been done before and applying existing formulas, actually start from a blank page with trivial questions.

  • What does it mean to go on an adventure?
  • What does it mean to fight against an opponent in a street?
  • What does it mean to explore a huge world?

You quickly realize how every single genre is stuck in very specific types of implementation."

I've been going through a bit of an identity crisis lately. The number one thing I've always identified with has been video games, but the industry has almost totally lost me by this point: since Minecraft in 2009 and Flight Simulator in 2020, I've been totally unable to find even a single game which trips the novelty part of my brain: "Wow, this looks really cool!" The above quote pretty much sums it up. Combine it with the death of aesthetics in the medium.

Interestingly, old games bore the heck out of me too: I'm sick of playing the same games, or the same types of games, over and over. Such a shame. The past few nights I've gone to bed at times around 7:00pm, simply because I have no idea how to even fill my time. I guess it's a "first world problem" to have all of this idle time.