The Exigent Duality
Post-Cloud - 04:36 CST, 9/07/22 (Sniper)
Here is a fellow who predicts that after "the cloud", the next phase of enterprise application hosting will be in blockchain. I experimented a bit with what are called "dapps", looks like that knowledge may come to good use over the next several years. I wonder if "web3" will be the next "cloud", in terms of word popular usage among IT people? Also from the article, a warning, bold emphasis is mine:

"Even if a company is born in the cloud, or moves to the cloud, we do see a lot of cases where they move stuff back. Oftentimes you find that for cost, compliance, security, locality, or sovereignty, you may want to keep things on-prem. Putting everything in the public cloud is not the right way to go, keeping everything on-prem is not the right way to go. Instead the way to be smart about it is to say, 'OK, what are the requirements of the app, and where best to run to meet all those requirements?'"

Blockchain would be nice, because you won't cede sovereignty to a tech giant, who will shut off your infrastructure if you have a political view they disagree with.

In other news, researchers are en masse finding pieces of graphene in the blood of people who got the clot shots. Those before-and-after pictures of peoples' blood reminds me of the ads I'd see as a kid in the 80s: "your lungs before smoking, and after smoking". Cross-reference this research, with the 84% increase in excess mortality among the 25-44 age group as soon as these shots hit.

Hearken back to all of the pressure, the Democrats an inch away from essentially mandating these shots nationally in order to have a job... someone needs to be held accountable.