The Exigent Duality
Gassy Girl Mileage Tracker - 16:10 CST, 8/15/22 (Sniper)
Twelve years ago I published the Android gas mileage tracker "Gassy Girl", and how here I am all of these years later with a successor. Behold: the Gassy Girl Progressive Web App! Click the "Gassy Girl" menu icon above to try it out.

No, "progressive" doesn't mean the application has a nose ring, purple hair, and a Pete Buttigieg bumper sticker on the back of her rusty Prius: rather, it means that the web site can be installed as an icon on the user's-- your!-- phone or tablet, and can then be enjoyed in the same way as a native app-- even offline! If you don't believe me, install it in mobile Chrome, Safari, or Firefox on iOS or Android, then flip to airplane mode.

I wrote it in the Blazor PWA framework, and it is licensed under the GPL v3. If anyone wants to enhance it, ask for permissions to the repo and send me a pull request. I am currently trying to get it published on the Google Play Store, but the amount of hurdles they are making me jump through is so comical, I suspect this guy is right: Apple and Google don't want useless plebeian apps which don't sell devices in their stores.

"Make great experiences on the web!" Ok, fine, here I am!

Phone Screenshots

Tablet Screenshots