The Exigent Duality
God is Great - 12:51 CST, 8/02/22 (Sniper)
It's interesting how quickly things can fall into place when you put your faith in God. I've been praying to Him ardently every night, saying the rosary, haven't missed a single holy day of obligation in the entire time I've gone back to the faith-- and look at how my life has gone since then; every prayer answered:

  • I was able to successfully relocate my family to the bug out house, full time.

  • I was able to successfully deliver on the enormous addition project, on behalf of the whole family. On top of it, after some early hiccups, the family is getting along great.

  • The heart scare He brought on me led me onto a hardcore mission to improve my health-- and it wasn't even a heart attack! I'm fitter than a fiddle.

  • I've been worried about my prostate: not cancer. Not even remotely. Just a case of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

  • The heart scare brought me to start real therapy, breaking down why I'm thinking the way I am, dating back to a tragedy I went through in my late teenage years.

  • I was put on a drug called Abilify. Projects I couldn't get motivated to do for an entire decade? Three days on Abilify, and I'm knocking them out like gangbusters. I've never been so passionate about technology, and that's really saying something!

  • That feeling that I lost twenty IQ points, which I'd blamed on "just getting old"? Three days on Abilify and I have greater mental acuity than I did at twenty five. And at forty I have four times the fitness levels I did back then.

  • I don't even get upset about politics or the Cultural Marxist crusaders anymore: I pray for them instead, for God to have mercy on them, and for them to turn from evil and follow Jesus.

  • My career is going gangbusters: I'm making quite a lot of money, my skills are in hot demand within my employer, my employer is very healthy, I really like my coworkers, and I'm feeling very engaged overall.

The only fly in the ointment is that Abilify has dropped my sleep down to quite literally four or five hours per night! Even more odd is that I don't care: no headaches, tons of energy.

I remember Donald Trump saying that during his whole life he's only slept five hours per night, and that's why he's been so productive. I'll see if I can get it corrected via therapy-- but I wouldn't go back to my old state for a million bucks.