The Exigent Duality
Living Under Ice - 07:11 CDT, 7/15/22 (Sniper)
I couldn't stop laughing when I first read that Gavin Nuisance was going to run for President. Gavin Nuisance! You need to go back to the late Roman Empire to find a leader worse than him! He's been an almost incomprehensible disaster for California! He's so bad, that even Commiefornians were inches away from throwing him out of office in a nearly unprecedented recall vote. Victor Davis Hanson has a great summary of the Nuisance Debacle right here.

In other political news, beyond undoing part of the Sodom and Gomorrah of modern-day America, the "Roe v. Wade" overturning has created other knock-on good news: it has accelerated the on-going, voluntary segregation between the Left and the Right. I used to be a huge advocate of secession-- but these days, I think the country might be better with a "soft" version, where enough pressure is alleviated by people just moving apart from one another.

I've been listening to Hibria's "Defying the Rules" a lot lately, what a phenomenal album! It shows up at number thirteen on my favorite albums list. It's amazing how they created their own fictitious universe from scratch, with these crazy dudes riding around on Harley Davidson-style motorcycles in battle. Like any great concept album, the story has a superb arc, and the compositions are top drawer, truly first order, and utterly authentic.

I've also been hooked on GamesMaster, positively marathoning it. It's so profound that it reminds me of when I discovered "The Computer Chronicles" many years ago. I had heard it mentioned many times before, but it wasn't until "Retro Man Cave Neil" did his Dominik Diamond interview recently that I decided to actually go check out the show. I figured I'd watch just ten minutes of the first episode, and wound up mid-way through series two so far. Incredible!

Finally, I think someone abducted Claudio Lotito and replaced him with a cyborg. While I've always been a huge admirer of his fiscal prudence, I've long thought he needed to do a better job of investing forward: spend money now, even if it involves a modicum of debt, to reap returns later. Now he's off spending upwards of forty million Euro, buying a bunch of sub-twenty four year olds. With Sarri running this refreshed ship, I wouldn't be surprised of Lazio challenged for a Scudetto this season, and that's no joke.