The Exigent Duality
PlayStation VR - 07:46 CDT, 6/14/22 (Sniper)
Bought a cheap, like-new "PlayStation VR" bundle off of eBay. Post-strabismus surgery, my son can actually see stereoscopic 3D now, and 130 USD for a PSVR set, with a couple of games included, seemed like an awesome entry-level way into the world of headsets.

Wanting it connected in a communal area, I pulled the old PlayStation 4 Pro out of my closet, got it all patched up, and hooked the PSVR up to that. It's a super well-made product, from its cool sliding processing box, to the way the heavy-duty cabling works.

The only thing we had time to play on it yesterday was "Minecraft VR"-- and it was well worth the money, just for that one experience. The PSVR resolution isn't fantastic, but it's past the "good enough" bar for sure-- and the stereoscopic effect in a game like "Minecraft" is extraordinarily immersive.

I also have a demo disc along with copies of "Skyrim VR" and "Astro Bot Rescue Mission". I will probably try those out tonight. I do get pretty woozy from free-roaming games with rotatable cameras, so I'll probably settle more on fixed-perspective titles. My son, by contrast, gets no motion sickness at all.

PSVR2 will be very interesting, on two fronts: first, the resolution is going to essentially look crystal clear due to the headset's resolution; second, the game engines themselves will be much more impressive, with the PS5's added horsepower driving them.