The Exigent Duality
Limits - 17:01 CDT, 6/03/22 (Sniper)
I've been talking for quite some time on this blog about how I think we'll very soon hit the "GPU of forever", because the constraint on improvements to game graphics won't be technology any more, but rather budget. Already we can see that the huge "triple-A" publishers are having to consolidate just to stay profitable, with games that now cost two to three hundred million USD to make.

What I hadn't considered is that economic factors may ultimately prove to be the constraint on the hardware side too. Here is Richard Leadbetter explaining how the cost-per-transistor ratio is rapidly becoming static-- meaning that to keep making more powerful platforms, those platforms will need to keep getting more and more expensive from an MSRP perspective.

Given all of this, I think this next set of PC GPUs is it: a 300 watt, 100 teraflops RTX 4090 is the ceiling, because continuing to grow transistor count will be beyond the elasticity curve of consumer demand-- and way beyond sustainable game budgets. For perspective, the "Matrix Awakening" tech demo cost tens of millions of dollars and had a team of over a hundred people-- and it wasn't even a game, and it wasn't even remotely approaching what something like an RTX 4090 could do!

As for the consoles, I think we're one set of proprietary video game systems from the final one. And from a mobile perspective, the DLSS-powered "Switch Pro" will probably be the handheld of forever.

In other news, I got out of Dodge just at the right time: the city I moved from-- Robbinsdale-- saw one of the largest jumps in violent crimes in 2021, across the whole state! I knew that all of the flags, yard signs, the libtard mayor and city council members, and all of the rest of it would have real world consequences-- and I was right. Now I'm in what is essentially an all-white, Christian, anarcho-capitalist ethno-state: it's clean, violence-free, beautiful, and with the warmest people I've ever met.

Finally, I've been practicing my football skills extensively of late, and at age forty I'm at the highest level of technical ability in my entire life. I played the sport at a competitive traveling level from ages six to seventeen-- so the fact that my technical skills are beyond that threshold isn't just an idle statement. I can't even imagine how much more advanced my tactical knowledge is at this stage of having followed the upper-most echelons of the game for so long.

As always, it's poor diet decisions holding me back: I eat like rubbish! Same as it was when I was a kid and teenager. I'm still only 155 lbs, but the composition of the food is awful: it's all sugar and caffeine. Nonetheless, I think at an "old man's amateur beer belly league" level, I could be like a Luis Alberto: I have good vision, passing range (for my poor fitness level), and am an unorthodox thinker who likes flicks and backheels. Too bad there isn't such a league where I live: one disadvantage to a rural area, I suppose.

Finally and back to gaming, I'm seriously considering getting Sony's next "PlayStation VR" headset. The Resident Evil pair of "4 Remake" and "Village", along with "Horizon Call of the Mountain" all look interesting. My son and I would have a lot of fun playing "No Man's Sky" in VR, which is probably pretty surreal.