The Exigent Duality
Good Guys - 18:09 CDT, 5/24/22 (Sniper)
A small sampling of the good stuff coming out of the Davos gathering:

  • Tracking every individual to make sure they don't eat meat or buy the wrong products.
  • Pills which will "phone home" as to whether the person took them.
  • A global surveillance system to "prevent pandemics".
  • The "WEF" now has its own rifle-armed police force, with beautiful orange arm patches.

Klaus Schwab says that it's important that these elites act "on behalf of the community." I guess that's why they are also proposing all of these referendums, so people can vote about all of these things about to be done to for them. Right?

It's too bad I'm not a Lefty. All of these selfless, rational, helpful global elites want exactly the same things the Democrats do! That's how I know I'm on the wrong side of history.