The Exigent Duality
Unnatural Events - 07:44 CDT, 5/21/22 (Sniper)
This is the best description of the Creepy Joe regime I've yet seen, compliments of Victor Davis Hanson. From the article, bold emphasis is mine:

"If an administration deliberately wished to cause havoc on the border, to ensure fuel was nearly unaffordable, to create a crime wave, to spark 1970s hyperinflation, and to rekindle racial tensions, what would it have done differently than what President Joe Biden has done?

When pressed about inflation and fuel price hikes, Biden either blames someone or something else, gets mad at the questioner, or claims former President Donald Trump did it.

His administration apparently believes things are going well and according to plan.

When polls disagree, his team either believes the American people are brainwashed or that they themselves have not supplied sufficient propaganda. So they never pivot or compromise, but rededicate themselves to continued failure."

In other news, Tom Woods had an excellent guest on-- an American expat who has been living in China for many years. He answered a bunch of questions, such as whether China actually has "ghost cities", whether they really do have access to the internet proper, and as the video's title suggests, what's up with the "social credit system"?

Unsurprisingly, the Western propagandized caricature seems to be a mix of truths, half-truths, and lies. Reminds me of my brother's best friend-- he spent his whole childhood there, half of his family is still there, and for the life of him he can't comprehend where most of the things said about China in the West even originate: no one he knows who has lived there their whole lives has never encountered any of these things.

All of that said, it is possible that the guest is living in an "expat bubble", so-to-speak. That said, I'd like to see more of this kind of discussion: get people on from China, Russia, Iran, and so forth, to get their sides of the stories.

In yet other news, turns out a group simulated a "monkey pox" global outbreak back in March 2021. Boy this is becoming a familiar formula. The timing is interesting: the media is pushing this "monkey pox" thing right as this is going on. It would be an interesting way to put a global government in place: engineer plus release a weird virus, and simultaneously get nation states to sign their sovereignty over to a supranational body, run by a Communist incidentally, which has total control "during a pandemic", and which is hereafter the declared permanent state of the world (there will always be disease!).

Finally and as a fun way to distract myself from the world, the new Nissan Z is getting pretty much universal acclaim. My current favorite car YouTube channel, "Savage Geese", actually preferred the way the Z drives more than the car I'm leaning towards, the GR Supra: their take is that the Supra's front end is a little vague, and so the car tends to rotate a little too much as the driver fumbles a bit trying to hit the apex-- whereas the new Z feels that bit more precise, and thus its rotation is more gradual and predictable.

All of that said, this is with the $51k "performance" trim's limited slip differential-- which the $40k model does not have. They emphasize that the diff is absolutely integral to how the new car drives versus the viscous version in my 350z or in the 370z-- which leads me to believe the base model new Z could potentially have radically different dynamics than what is being written by pretty much everyone (as Nissan gave the entire media the higher-end trim).

According to Kristen Lee, who pleasantly writes more like the "old white dude" car journalists I used to enjoy than the cuckfaced, soy boy, establishment lap dog current car "journalists", reinforces my view here that the Z feels more like a heavy grand tourer-- just like my 350z-- while the Supra is more exciting and bonkers. I'll probably never buy another car for myself, given how little I drive: for this last one, I want something exciting and bonkers.

Although-- back to reality now, from the fun distraction-- it's really annoying how the entire automobile punditry talks like how it's inevitably the "end" of the internal combustion engined car: sort of like the sun and the moon rising and falling. I even had a co-worker tell me once, "Electric cars are the future." I asked him why. He replied, "Because they're the future!"

There is no natural reason why the new Z has to be "the end of an era": there could (and should!) be another "new Z" after this one, and then another new one after that. The internal combustion engine is the best way to transport people and goods, and it's not even close. The only reason we're talking about external combustion engine cars at all is because governments have bayonets shoved into the spinal cords of car manufacturers and consumers. They want everyone into these 100% computerized cars (with remote kill switches!) so they can be not only tracked, but punished if they go against the regime.

Because external combustion engined cars are even worse from an environmental standpoint-- even worse "carbon dioxide concern", plus the mass-strip mining of rare Earth minerals-- it will be a bait and switch: as soon as they got everyone into the "electric cars", they would say "Hey guess what, these electric cars are terrible, so now it's mass transit only." Then that same co-worker plus all of the "journalists" will tell me we've always been at war with Eurasia, and that "mass transit is the future!"

This entire current state of affairs is not natural, it is not "inevitable", and it can and probably will be reversed, once the entire country has rolling blackouts and the external combustion engined food trucks have no external combustion output available via which to be charged! A famine would bring a swift end to our current "leaders", and the "electric car" nonsense along with it.