The Exigent Duality
America in Denial - 07:34 CST, 3/11/22 (Sniper)
The entire cradle-to-grave American experience for the past four generations of its citizens has been framed through the lens of "prevented Germany and Japan from taking over the world". Because of that it's nearly impossible for even the most skeptical Americans to perceive their country from the outside. But I want to challenge my readers with just that exercise.

I am about to present to you a bulleted list of the United States's activities over the past twenty-plus years. As you read through this list, I challenge you to blank your existing yankee doodle, apple pie preconceptions about your country, and instead think about how you would perceive America if you were Chinese, or Russian, or even from Finland or Somalia or Japan, or nearly anywhere else.

Or if that's too difficult, imagine that I'm describing Russia or Iran or China with these bullets: what would you think about those countries? Would they seem like positive forces and freedom-loving bastions of democracy? Or conversely, would they seem like malevolent, destabilizing forces seeding discord and chaos everywhere they went?

  • Invaded and occupied sovereign Afghanistan for twenty years, then abandoned it and US citizens, handing the Taliban eighty billion dollars in military equipment. Lied repeatedly about whether Taliban would take over.

  • Invaded Libya, overthrew Gaddafi, set the country back to the stone age, with open air slave markets. Hillary Clinton laughingly bragged: "We came, we saw, he died."

  • Waged war against Syria, tried incessantly to overthrow Assad. Put Damascus in ruins. Major refugee crisis flooded Europe. ISIS took over the Middle East. US worked with rebels to stage a false flag chemical attack in attempt to take over the country, then repeatedly lied about it. Russia and China intervened to prevent chaos.

  • Has been funding a Saudi-led war against Yemen, creating a massive humanitarian crisis.

  • Invaded Iraq, turned it from a stable country into a terrorism-fueled power vacuum. Used the existence of biological "weapons of mass destruction" as the pretext. None were actually there, lied about it incessantly.

  • Funded the actual creation of biological "weapons of mass destruction" in Ukraine, right on Russia's border.

  • Funded the "gain of function" creation of the WuFlu in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Repeatedly lied about it. Virus got lose, killing many, used as a cover by governments worldwide for a global violation of basic human rights, such as denial of food, health care, employment, practice of religion, forced house arrest, and free speech-- fundamental abuses so vast and thorough that it boggles the mind. Led to a dramatic rise of the WEF's cabal influence.

  • Colluded with legally immune multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies to "Warp Speed" the creation of experimental, animal trial-failing drugs, then mass-injected their own population with them, creating a crisis of healthy age people and even young children dying from heart inflammation. Ran a massive, domestic psy-ops propaganda campaign to not just cover the scandal up, but to demonize people who exercised "my body, my choice" by declining the shots.

  • Worked for decades to deliberately provoke Russia: repeatedly crossed line after line, adding countries to NATO, closing off geography Russia needs to protect itself from invasion, housing biological weapons on Russia's border, refusing to negotiate on a level playing field. Executed a 2014 coup in Ukraine to install a pro-West puppet leader, just to antagonize the Kremlin. Lindsey Graham and John McCain met with military leaders there, then: "Your fight is our fight."

  • Has been running non-stop KGB-style agitprop against its own citizens for decades, demonizing and belittling one ethnic group (whites) while promoting another (blacks), using "Operation Mockingbird" stooges in Hollywood and late night television to push anti-Christian, destructive gay lifestyles and hedonism that would make Sodomites blush. Creating de facto legal double standards and even denying health care based on ethnicity.

  • Allowed pro-establishment domestic terrorists to burn down its own cities for political gain of the establishment. Jailed and threw away the keys for people who peacefully protested against the establishment at the capitol building.

  • Installed a senile puppet elderly man with Alzheimer's into power so that a hidden cabal could institute wildly unpopular, radical domestic reforms against the democratic will of its own people. Ran cover for and encouraged rampant election fraud, using its own WuFlu virus creation as an excuse to mass-use mail-in ballots, then certified the obviously cuckoo results.

  • Actively suppresses free speech against its own citizens. Colludes with a tiny group of elite, multi-billion dollar technology companies to censor all information which paints the establishment in a negative light. Suppresses freedom of the press by intimidating and spying on anti-establishment members of the media.

And this isn't even a complete list, I'm sure I'm forgetting lots of other things-- but you get the idea. I don't bring all of this up just to attack America: rather, my goal is to rouse Americans to just how nasty and rotten their own country has gotten.

America is the Russia, the China, the Iran that you're told are so evil! America is the actual bogey man! You are the bad guys! Yes Hans, "We are the baddies."

Until we all come to grips with this hugely uncomfortable, almost impossible to digest fact, no matter how tough of a pill it is to swallow-- and believe, it's not easy for even me to cut through the bull shit and come to grips with and wrap my arms around it-- there will never be meaningful changes or reforms.

The United States can go back to its small government, free market-loving, prosperous, Christian-values "friendship with all, entangling alliances with none" roots from days far yonder. We can emerge from this Fourth Turning in a positive way. But like a spouse in denial about an abusive relationship, until the average American steps out of the haze and into broad daylight, this kind of huge change is impossible.