The Exigent Duality
They Don't Want Money - 08:04 CDT, 12/31/21 (Sniper)
I have two pieces of Friday humor to share.

I installed "eFootball Pro Evo 2021 Season Update"-- or whatever in the world it's called-- yesterday, only to find out today that it's being removed from "Game Pass" at midnight tonight, and that it's simultaneously no longer available to buy digitally!

"You will own nothing and be happy."

Fortunately, there are physical copies on eBay, although it's anybody's guess as to whether the game will continue to function properly once Konami pulls the plug on the server-side functionality. They are clearly trying to shove everyone into their "free-to-play" abomination. I also like how the front box art is filled with legalese text.

Recall that they told people they were taking a year off so that they could make a proper next-generation football game, re-writing the title in Unreal Engine. I was expecting potential "Rift Apart"-level graphics. Twenty four months later, they released a mobile game with six teams and no modes. What in the world were they even doing all of that time?

Now they are de-listing their old products to remove that choice, rather than making a new, improved product that people would rather buy than the old one. Make sense? Maybe I'll start shopping for PlayStation 2 units again...

Here is the second piece of Friday humor.