The Exigent Duality
Urban Devolution - 05:27 CST, 10/22/21 (Sniper)
As urban men's testosterone levels continue to plummet, there are interesting sociological phenomena which have emerged.

Irrational people don't realize they are being irrational. They will use any manner of ex post facto "reasoning" necessary to make themselves appear reasonable, to themselves. When a critical mass of people are irrational, society takes on bizarre characteristics, yet almost everyone pretends that the state of affairs is ordinary.

The reason people are becoming increasingly irrational is because they are regressing into base-brained mammals, operating on the same instinctive level as chimpanzees. It's Haidt's "elephant-rider" analogy, accelerated. The only remaining upper-brained capability is being used to justify why they are acting like monkeys-- to make themselves appear rational.