The Exigent Duality
Theocracy - 06:18 CDT, 7/16/21 (Sniper)
Out of nowhere, the "IRS" dumped five hundred Fed bucks into my checking account yesterday: a quick search revealed to me that the State is sending monopoly money to people every month, for every kid they have. Obviously, they are conditioning people for eventual and so-called "UBI".

Heads-up to Yellen, incidentally: this will not "alleviate poverty"; the State has thrown trillions of their funny money at inner cities since the 1960s-- take a drive through there sometime and describe that utopia to me.

But back to the topic, I would rather reconcile with the State once per year during tax season like I have always done-- so wifey went about the request process to get rid of the monthly payments. Turns out, their web site not only wants your photo and your voice, but you need to agree that those can be stored in a State-owned biometric database! Needless to say, wifey abandoned the process-- so we're stuck with "UBI-lite" apparently.

I wonder what it'd be like to have a State apparatus which isn't actively oppositional to your best wishes, and which doesn't consider you to be a "you'll own nothing and like it" ant in an ant farm at best, and a domestic terrorist at worst? I'll probably never know in my lifetime.

On an unrelated note, I noticed the other day that my daughter has The Sacred Pronouns in her Discord bio. Knowing her political beliefs, I asked her about it-- turns out, so many kids her age are "One with the Faith, Amen" that out of their bizarre "sense of respect" they kept referring to my daughter as "they", since my daughter had not yet declared The Sacred Pronouns! For fun, she plugged them in, and suddenly it was "she" and "her" during conversation.

So do remember, when you see The Sacred Pronouns listeth, in the name of The Inclusion, The Diversity, and The Holy LGBT, Amen, that it may in fact have been put there by a heretical nonbeliever in pure exasperation! I however am doing my part to participate in The Sacred Rites: I have "Potted Plant" and "Cheeseburger" in my Gab profile, lest there arise any confusion.