The Exigent Duality
Tripping Over Own Shoelaces - 20:13 CDT, 6/13/21 (Sniper)
It's difficult to overstate just how pathetic the video game industry is right now. My standard is "something which will blow my mind"-- think "Mario 64". If you can't meet that, then "something which looks like fun even if it is boring and second order." If you can't meet that, then "doesn't have totally offensive aesthetics or politics", which is about the lowest bar possible.

Out of all of the games shown at "E3" so far, zero percent-- literally not even one game-- gets over the first bar. Maybe ten percent of them-- think "Forza Horizon 5"-- fit that second category. The rest meanwhile can't even get over the lowest-of-all-bars, being actively repulsive in some way-- usually on the "woke factor" scale, but sometimes in other manners as well.

The YouTube chat seemed to mirror my opinion. I'm genuinely surprised the video game industry hasn't had another crash like it did in the 1980s: how many times can people re-buy "Halo" deathmatch with a fresh coat of paint, or "Assassin's Creed Six Hundred", or drive cars through corn fields with five percent prettier graphics, before they just find better things to do with their time?