The Exigent Duality
Can Only Get Better? - 06:45 CDT, 6/13/21 (Sniper)
I loosely followed "E3" yesterday and, judging by the real-time YouTube chat sessions, the glaring disconnect between the super bizarre, cringey soy boy and pink-haired SJW presenters plus game designers, and the average person who actually plays video games, has never been wider: hundreds of comments scrolled by describing the pre-rendered CGI nonsense as "boring", page after page of "cringe" and "woke" or "libtards" when character designs were shown, and so forth.

Professional video game people live in their own bubble, just like the East and West Coast elites with regards to actual politics.

The most interesting example contrasting games of yore and the contemporary hobby come in the form of the "Final Fantasy VII" remake: the original game was technologically and artistically groundbreaking-- it was a landmark cultural moment. The whole game was made in about two years, and took thirty or forty hours to play through. The remake, by contrast, is technologically mediocre-at-best, has no notable aesthetic accomplishments, has orchestra-remixed music which removes all of the personality from those pieces, and it took five years to make yet only contains a tiny fraction of the story! And that tiny fraction is so bloated that it takes thirty hours just to get through, all by itself.

Now they're evidently re-making the re-make to take advantage of the PlayStation 5. Maybe it'll be like "Grand Theft Auto V": we'll have "Final Fantasy VII" remake getting rehashed over and over during the next eight years. I marathoned the original "Final Fantasy VII" the week it came out back then, and really liked it-- but I've already played it: why can't the game developers come up with a new cultural phenomenon, instead of riding indefinitely on the coat tails of the previous ones? Further, who is asking for these remakes anyway? It's like an entire generation of people are "stuck" in their childhoods and just can't move on.

In any event and back to "E3", Microsoft's presentation is today at noon, while we'll probably and finally find out what the "Switch Pro" is, on Tuesday.