The Exigent Duality
Must Watch Vee Video - 12:43 CDT, 6/06/21 (Sniper)
This is the most important video Vee has ever done. Yes, he's been at the bleeding edge of "Cultural Marxism" and "Wokeness" too, but arguably the topic of the aforelinked video is why those ideologies are being pushed.

Many people I know are all in, but I guess that isn't a surprise since they were also taping paper towels to their faces and getting injected with experimental cocktails from multi-billion dollar drug corporations with no legal liability, and with who-knows-what long-term side effects, just to avoid getting the sniffles.

I think the reason people are susceptible to this is the same reason people bought mortgage backed securities back in the day, or why a dog swallows a heart worm pill wrapped in cheese: if you package a turd in an outwardly attractive package, gullible people low in the ability to think critically will eat it.

I did a budget yesterday and I would need to make about twenty dollars per hour to break even, with a cut-down budget. Of course, this would mean no money for car repairs, emergency vet bills, and no hobbies other than free "ebooks". In that way, Dr. Strangelove Schwab has already won: either I get with the program and have money but no sanity, or I ditch the program and have sanity but no money.