The Exigent Duality
Final English Football Nail - 08:42 CDT, 6/02/21 (Sniper)
Up until now, I had no idea English football had gotten this bad; I tuned it out a decade ago after I got bored with the "banging two rocks together" tactics, and went all-in on the Italian game-- but had I stuck with it, I'd for sure be dumping it now: there is no way I would pay money for tickets or even watch matches on television with giant "BLM" signs everywhere.

If Lazio ever pulled this stunt, it'd be the last time I watched them. Thankfully though, and say what you will about Italian culture at large, Italy is essentially immune from this sort of nonsense-- and especially Lotito, who is pragmatic enough at least to understand how alienating this junk is: he'd never see the Curva filled again.

One important addendum: Paul forgot to mention that this whole knee business started with Crapperdick, in direct response to "could have been my son" and "hands up, don't shoot", both of which were colossal lies. Even if you remove the "BLM" factor itself, the knee thing has been nonsense from day one: since then, think Jussie Smollett, Breonna Taylor, Bubba Wallace, Fentanyl Floyd... it's all one big false narrative.