The Exigent Duality
Broken Windows - 14:08 CDT, 5/28/21 (Sniper)
For fun, I booted into Winbloze for the first time in several months to get it patched up. After reboot, I'd found that it'd bricked itself! So, I shrugged my shoulders and booted back into Manjaro, laughing as I did so. A quick search reveals that Winbloze 10-- the worst version of Windows I've ever used, including "ME"-- is going backwards, as apparently every update is causing major issues.

This mirrors what I've seen from other Microsoft products like "Minecraft" and "Flight Simulator", the former of which is nigh-on unplayable on Switch while still running at 1080p on the Series X, and the latter of which was unplayable for weeks at a time for half of the install base due to sub-10 FPS levels, even for people with RTX 3080s.

The Series X itself has seemed very stable so far, but it's also running the ancient-- but very mature-- Xbox One dashboard and underpinnings: maybe I should not be wishing for a new Series interface? Not surprisingly, Microsoft is the company which has most heavily employed non-meritocratic "woke" hiring practices, and which has also engaged the most strongly with "Agile".

Also worth noting is that with GNU/Linux, a non-booting installation is trivial to take care of: you just boot into a single user runmode, check the logs-- which always tell you exactly what's going wrong-- fix the problem, which gives you uber verbose output back as you're working, and reboot back into multi-user mode. With Winbloze, it doesn't tell you jack-- "we're repairing your computer", whatever that even means.