The Exigent Duality
Victory Lap Gloating - 12:59 CDT, 5/15/21 (Sniper)
I'm already having fun with the WuFlu Burqa mandate lift: I went into my favorite restaurant for the first time since Dim Tim Walz put the "mandate" in last July. The cashier-- with whom I used to be on quite friendly terms-- was visibly nervous as I entered, to the point of knocking a big stack of cups onto the floor.

She queried, "It's been a long time", to which I replied, "Ever since the mask nonsense-- been almost a year. But the 'mandate' is gone, so here I am!" She gave some kind of terse response, clearly not onboard with my attitude-- so I rubbed it in: "You know, I literally haven't worn a mask even once-- I made it the entire time!"

It was also deeply satisfying walking past all of the domestic terrorist "BLM" yard signs, and saying to myself: "I beat you all: you threw unconscionable levels of misery at me, and I not only came out, but stronger for it. Never forget: I'm a winner, you're all losers-- I stuck by my principles, you didn't, and here we are on even footing at the other side, me with my dignity intact, while yours is in irreparable tatters. Eat shit, morons."

So now that the tables have turned, dear readers, here is the gameplan: go anywhere you want, with your head held high. If a Karen or Ken questions you, smirkily laugh at them and say, "What, are you some kind of science denying blue anon conspiracy theorist? I think I trust the experts at the CDC more than you!", and just walk away.

If asked whether you've been "vaccinated", simply respond with an ambiguous, plausible-deniability nod, and say "Who wouldn't? They're highly effective!" Remember: after what the Karens, Kens, bureaucrats, and complicit normies have put us through over the past year-plus, you are under zero obligation to be honest.

Take a page from Saul Alinsky: don't hesitate to hold them to their own rules by liberally whipping out the "science denier" and "conspiracy theorist" pejoratives! Use any dirty rhetorical tool or sophistry you can come up with: rules only apply when the other side is also following them.