The Exigent Duality
Awash at Sea - 07:23 CDT, 5/10/21 (Sniper)
The price inflation discussed in this article is relevant to me in three ways.

First, I added four thousand dollars to the cost of the bug out house addition just by putting the project on freeze for two weeks. Such an act was absolutely necessary in my case and I don't regret it-- I bring it up just to lend some credence to the lumber price phenomenon. Yesterday, I was also chatting with a member of the family who does his own construction, and for the first time in his sixty-plus year life he had to store his own lumber on some flat ground, under tarps, because the lumber yard couldn't guarantee him prices or even availability.

Second, the food price increases are major-league showing up in my grocery bills-- however, once I get permanently established at the bug out house, I'm planning to commence some gardening operations, and in the next several years I might become a full-on farmer, if we're able to expand onto adjacent property, which is looking pretty likely as the current owner ages. I should be able to weather the food price storm better than most.

Third, I'm expecting to get a phenomenal price for my Murderapolis home. Initially I was assuming I would make thirty or forty thousand on it, now I'm wondering if that number will be more like seventy or eighty thousand. It's a tiny house which needs a new roof, garage siding, kitchen cabinets, and a bathroom remodel-- but even with those faults, I've seen mold-infested, literally collapsing homes in the area go to house flippers for insane prices-- and my house is in mint condition compared to those!

It's not clear to me whether this price inflation is permanent or not: on the one hand I could see global supply chains kicking into overdrive as the WuFlu insanity fully subsides-- on the other hand and unlike last time major monetary inflation was created, this time checks were sent directly to main street, as opposed to before where the inflation sat on foreign bank reserve balance sheets, and bidding up Monet paintings and Ferraris.