The Exigent Duality
Gubernatorial Contrasts - 12:02 CDT, 4/26/21 (Sniper)
This morning I was thrown an anecdote that "some people" in South Dakota think Kristi Noem is a "nutcase": hundreds of thousands of people live there, so I'm sure it's undoubtedly true that a subset of those-- 47% voted against her when she ran for governor-- don't like her. But to call her a nutcase seems pretty strong-- in fact, I'd argue she's far-and-away one of the most sensible of America's governors, by some margin. Here are her views.

Preface: I didn't tackle every single bullet-- there are just too many issues out there for me to know enough about them to formulate an opinion one way or the other. Both lists have only issues about which I'm already familiar:

Kristi Noem

  • (logical) Wasn't born yesterday: saw through the WuFlu nonsense, one of the best "responses" in the entire country.
  • (logical) Pro-Life.
  • (logical) Wants to audit the Fed.
  • (logical) Wanted to curtail spending if debt limit reached.
  • (logical) Protects anti-same-sex marriage as free speech.
  • (logical) Later, desired to end bulk data collection under "Patriot Act".
  • (logical) Thinks that porous borders and illegal immigration are threats.
  • (logical) Voted to allow compensatory time off for working overtime.
  • (logical) Member of the Tea Party movement.
  • (logical) Wanted to ban armed forces in Libya, absent Congressional approval.
  • (logical) Repeal Obozocare reporting requirements for small businesses.
  • (logical) Use tax money to encourage abstinence in public schools.
  • (logical) Wants to open up continental shelf to oil drilling.
  • (logical) Wants to ban the EPA from "regulating" carbon dioxide (lol).
  • (logical) Desires no expansion of EPA-regulated waters.
  • (logical) Condemned China's organ harvesting from Falun Gong prisoners.
  • (logical) Prohibit IRS audits targeting Tea Party political groups.
  • (logical) Essentially a pro-second amendment absolutist.
  • (logical) Wants to get rid of nationalized healthcare laws.
  • (quasi-logical) Desires a US balanced budget amendment.
  • (quasi-logical) Use State block grants for training.
  • (illogical) Supports ban on same-sex marriage.
  • (illogical) Supported Paul Ryan's "budget".
  • (illogical) Extended the "Patriot Act's" roving wiretaps.
  • (illogical) Extended the "renewable tax credit".
  • (illogical) Opposes private retirement accounts.
  • (illogical) Did not want to remove military from Afghanistan.
  • (illogical) Wants to "prevent" Iran from getting nukes, rather than "contain".

I agree with her on most things, but on the critical side she seems like a mild war hawk, and also a mild Christian theocrat.

Simultaneously, the hosts of the popular Minnesota conservative radio show "Justice & Drew" throw similar epithets at Tim Walz-- but Walz is very moderate in fact compared to the DNC proper: I only call him "Kim Jong Walz" because of his radical totalitarian reaction to the WuFlu, the most pressing civil rights issue since the 1960s-- otherwise, I don't find the guy to be particularly objectionable, compared to most Democrats. Here are his views:

Tim Walz

  • (illogical) Completely botched the WuFlu: last state in the area requiring Burqas, making my life miserable.
  • (logical) Wanted to ban job discrimination based on sexual orientation.
  • (logical) Desires to eliminate the death penalty.
  • (logical) Wants prisons to expand rehabilitation programs.
  • (logical) Supports medical marijuana.
  • (logical) Wants to open continental shelf for drilling.
  • (logical) Opposed NAFTA and CAFTA.
  • (logical) Wanted to repeal automatic Congressional pay raises.
  • (logical) Supports concealed carry permits.
  • (logical) Desired to ban gun registration laws in DC.
  • (logical) Did not want to expand "Patriot Act's" roving wiretaps.
  • (logical) Wanted Congressional oversight of CIA interrogations.
  • (logical) Ensure an achievable mission in Iraq.
  • (quasi-logical) Supports vouchers for public schools.
  • (quasi-logical) Wants so-called "path to citizenship" for illegals.
  • (quasi-logical) Voted to curtail business resistance to labor unions.
  • (quasi-logical) Wants to let shareholders vote on executive compensation.
  • (illogical) Did not want to terminate NPR.
  • (illogical) Did not want block grants to be used for training.
  • (illogical) Wants anti-male sexism, Kool-Aid drinker on phony "wage gap" myth.
  • (illogical) Wants to ship money to Mexico to "fight drugs".
  • (illogical) Wishes the EPA could "regulate" carbon dioxide.
  • (illogical) Supports every "green" energy tax payer boondoggle under the sun.
  • (illogical) Liked the "cash for clunkers" program.
  • (illogical) Wanted to send money overseas to Pakistan to "support democratic institutions".
  • (illogical) Does not want to cooperate with India because they have nukes.
  • (illogical) Wants Washington DC to have electoral votes.
  • (illogical) Other than not wanting a GM and Chrysler bailout, has not met a single increase in debt he hasn't liked.
  • (illogical) Openly endorses anti-white racism in multiple contexts.
  • (illogical) Desires "green" public schools.
  • (illogical) Wants the US to have a health care "system" like in Canada, or the UK.

In fact, the gap between Walz and Trump is not as wide as one might think.

They both love Keynesian-style big spending, and debt; they both have pronounced populist streaks, with a distrust of so-called "trade agreements" and globalization; they are both pro-Second Amendment. To me, they are both "center-moderates", with Walz being slightly Left-- he's a "anthropogenic climate change" Kool-Aid drinker, and also at least somewhat has bought into the "Cultural Marxism" nonsense-- and with Trump being slightly Right, for example in being "pro-life". Heck, they even agree about the WuFlu: Trump stood day after day after day right behind Dr. Fausti, as the latter spewed his incoherent nonsense: Trump could have shitcanned the guy three days in for being the actual nutjob Fausti is.

In general, I give Noem something like a B+ in terms of her views, and Walz a C-- I don't think either one of them are "nutcases".