The Exigent Duality
Future Plans - 09:55 CDT, 4/21/21 (Sniper)
I've been thinking recently that rather than hide who I am, I need to lean into my identity: why not start a full-on recording studio, from where I could run an exclusively "new tech"-- as Styx now calls them-- video channel, covering video games from the perspective of a "Xennial" right winger? I could also go full-bore on GNU/Linux tech tips, politics, football and Lazio more specifically, and so on?

My daughter is also getting interested in politics, plus I could bring her in to cover animal and art-related subjects. My son could do some videos about outer space phenomena. I have a brother-- well, a brother plus a "virtual" brother of sorts-- who are both big time into motorsports, that could be yet another subject.

I know that streaming and videos are an oversaturated market-- but outside of the "Video Game Critic" dude and someone like "Metal Jesus Rocks", almost all game-related material is from soyboy "Gen Z" and "Millennial" types. And I have never seen a single person who has the mix of super vocal right-wing politics, with a heavy coverage of video games; "Vee" sort of does that kind of thing, but focuses more on the politics, less on the actual game design analysis.

Besides that, people often tell me that I'm a pretty funny guy. I have the most bizarre voice I've ever heard-- in a normal setting it's kind of grating, but in the right context it flips into a positive: many people over the decades have told me I should go into radio. I also have one of those "rubber faces" which famous comedians often have. I'm certainly no professional in terms of talent or imagination, but I could definitely play into a bit of a schtick, and get viewers that way.

Imagine then "John Linneman" meets "Metal Jesus Rocks" meets "Video Game Critic" meets "Don Adams" meets "Styxhexenhammer" meets "Richard Hammond"-- a sort of fusion of all of those people and their subject matter.

I might start asking around to see who would be interested in this kind of thing. The biggest dilemma is where to set up: the obvious choice is the bug out house, but if the law I mention here came to pass, then I quite literally couldn't live in Minnesota anymore. Further, there are rumblings Keith Ellison might run for governor: he's like one of those central African warlord-cum-dictator "el presidente" types, who institute "land reform" and oversee tribal slaughtering civil wars. There is no way a white person could be safe in Minnesota with him in charge.

My mom and I were debating state viability this morning, and while she favors Florida, I've been looking at Mississippi: Florida is attractive in the extreme short run, but has a significant enough libtard percentage in it, that once the retirees start to die off I wouldn't be surprised if the state government completely turned "woke" and began abusing the rural indigenous whites, like what's happened in Minnesota.

Texas will be completely lost in less than ten years; I think Florida could be the next big domino to topple, after that.

The reasons I like Mississippi are that it has the lowest percentage of libtards in the entire country-- 13%!-- and also the lowest cost of living. Another "feature" is that the entire state basically looks like a giant trailer park: no metrosexual soyboy or Karen would have any reason to touch the place with a ten foot barge poll-- what in the world is there in Bible-belt Mississippi for people like them? The entire place is filled with metal pole barns and barely-paved roads.

If the states fell one-by-one, Mississippi and Alabama will probably be the very last two left standing. In the Northern territories, South Dakota is probably the best choice: again, no libtard would ever want to go there.

But enough rambling: here's a funny stock image-- a multi-racial thot on her phone not paying attention, obligatory crazy-haired black lady, former-Tyrone-turned-middle-ager, new Black Panther-styled college graduate, two white thots, and the single white male in the room, who has lower T levels than a Buzzfeed employee. Notice the absolute zero representation of the average, every day indigenous white person, and the absolute zero-alignment to actual, real-world United States demographics.

When I see advertising, I think I'm living in Nigeria half the time, and in "Cyberpunk 2077" the other half!

Remember: "anti-racism" means "no whites"; "feminism" means "no men"; "have the discussion" and "just listen" mean "you're only allowed in the room if you agree with us": white males are ok only if they are cuckfaced soyboys-- white women are ok only if they are brainless urban e-thots or corporate suburban lapdogs.