The Exigent Duality
Case for the Black Pill - 07:14 CDT, 4/21/21 (Sniper)
I like Styx, but this is the second major event he got totally wrong: he thought Trump would be in office for a second term, and he thought Chauvin would get acquitted. He's also frequently creating commentary like, "well in the mid-terms this-and-that, and in the next Presidential election, so-on-and-so-forth".

Simultaneously, he makes fun of people who are "black pilled".

I've been writing a bit about Ancient China lately as I've been studying that topic, and what happened over and over again on that landmass was that some political and social structure would take root, be in place for maybe two hundred or-a-bit-more years-- sometimes for far less-- then slowly melt down and transform into some new set of structures.

These transitions often took place over many decades, and it's not like the landmass sunk into the Earth's core when they did. For most people living there, their lives probably didn't radically change from one day to the next, like is presented in overly dramatized Hollywood movies and video games.

In terms of a background of civilizational sophistication, North America is where the Chinese area was a few thousand years ago: until Europeans arrived in this zone, people were essentially living in huts, eating tree bark-- in other words, the North American landmass is only in its "first cycle" of the kind of change I alluded to in the previous paragraph.

This "first cycle" is now complete-- the "United States" as the entity we've known it to be, is kaput.

Historians and their students two thousand years from now will observe that during the current period, the election system completely collapsed and was no longer functional, there was a mass exodus of hundreds of thousands of people from Central America to the North totally changing the demographics of the area, the culture became prone to hysteria and paranoia, the policing and judicial outcomes became controlled by violent mobs, and that the indigenous whites mass-migrated and consolidated to rural areas or certain states, away from the increasingly dangerous urban areas.

Since North American has not been through a transitional period like this before, it seems like the end of the world-- but as I stated above, it's not like the continent falls into the ocean or gets sucked into a black hole: the soil will remain, and the people living on it will continue to do what they've always done-- live life one day at a time, and dynamically make the best of life as they can.

For some people life won't change at all: they are on the "winning team", so they will be left alone, at least for now. For the people on the receiving end of the persecution, such as myself, life will be altered more significantly, as we're forced to physically relocate in order to live life according to our values.

People like Styx can call this whole perspective "black pilled"-- fine by me. But in my view, it's simply an objective reflection on the larger-context state of affairs, and an acknowledgement of reality.