The Exigent Duality
Baseball Striking Out - 13:05 CDT, 4/18/21 (Sniper)
I've never been a baseball fan, from hating "tee-ball" as a kid to trying to watch the sport as an adult-- but boy can I sympathize with the sentiment here. Via a quick search I found this article, which corroborates their complaints.

The sport is even toying with having a machine call the balls and strikes! This is what you get after you allow the precedent of NFL-style instant replays, "VAR" in football, and so forth, all things I was opposed to on day one. Why not just replace the players with robots? No more injuries! No more mistakes! No fatigue! Inch-perfect play, every second!

The quotes about the inexperienced people coming into the sport mirror my reflections about the greater society as a whole.

If you're under the age of thirty five and went to college, there is a ninety-five percent chance you're a complete idiot (if you're reading this odds are I'm not referring to you, to be clear). If you're a Lefty, there's almost a one hundred percent chance you're an idiot (again, if you're reading this, probably not you I have in mind). So why is it that young Lefties, the worst of all combinations, are the ones being handed boxes of matches and gallons of gasoline? They ruin everything they touch.

On that note, I finally finished my "Wireframe Magazine" Fuze competition entry, which freed me up to get back to my game backlog. I started "Miles Morales", and I don't know if I can keep going.

It's not so much that the game is woke per se-- it's more like it's just dopey Millennial values; multi-racial families filled with "Mary Sue" characters, obvious villain arrogant white guy, NPCs with environmental dialog lines like "I need to buy gifts for 'Kwanzaa'", and on and on. The whole experience is drenched in this "written by IGN Twitter blue checkmarks" vibe.

I might just write my review and move on.