The Exigent Duality
Authoritarian Monoculture - 11:28 CDT, 4/16/21 (Sniper)
The local Murderapolis newspaper-- "The Red Star and Tribune"-- ran a supplementary piece which just showed up in my mailbox, "asking Minnesotans" what it will mean for them when it's said that the "pandemic is over".

One guy said "when I can stop wearing masks in public". Gee, that's funny, I'm not wearing them now. A woman said, "when we can stop telling people they must be 'vaccinated'". Well guess what lady-- you can stop the behavior, right now! "I hope we can stop burning witches soon", as she pours gasoline on the pyre...

How about this one? "When political dissidents are allowed to see a doctor again." No one in the article said that. And here all this time the Left was telling me that "healthcare is a right"! Not when you disagree with Joe Bi Den, Kim Jong Walz, and Dr. Fausti I guess: some animals are more equal than others.

One thing which is very striking to me right now is how authoritarian everyone around me is. Outside of a dwindling few, almost-totally-censored voices to which I go out of my way to listen-- Eric Peters, "Vee", and a couple of others-- it's automatically assumed by everyone that Fascism is the "correct mode".

Process that for a minute: we're not even eighty years from the fall of the "Third Reich", yet every single idea I hear proposed today is very literally a fusion of State and corporate power-- enforced by Stasi tactics like snitching, destroying dissident's livelihoods, institutionalizing racial inequality before the law, and so forth.

Great ideas! I bet they've never been tried before!

Especially with young people: I just about never meet anyone under the age of thirty, or even thirty five, who isn't a flaming libtard. I get the sense that they have quite literally never had a single influence in their lives who has said, "hold on a minute-- you're making a lot of assumptions there, have you thought those through?", or "did you know there is another way to look at this?"

It's especially annoying being a computer programmer, since from my experience software developers are predominantly in their twenties or maybe early thirties, before then moving on to management-- which means an old hat like me with kooky ideas about, you know, individual liberty (whatever!) being continuously surrounded by complete inanity-- inanity which can be undermined via simple reasoning in about thirty seconds, but which can't be said out loud, or the monoculture purge operation will go into overdrive (destroy the infidel!).