The Exigent Duality
Too Close for Comfort - 09:44 CDT, 4/12/21 (Sniper)
You can always tell how close to the truth you are, by how frenzied your opponents get: Trump, Tulsi Gabbard, and Bernie going after the military industrial complex is a great example, and here we see-- after all of the myriad things Tucker Carlson points out on his show-- the Twitter mob going bananas over the "population replacement" operation underway.

It's worth noting that the thing the Left fears the most is collective "white" action: white Europeans after all invented pretty much everything worth inventing, have contributed the greatest artistic works ever achieved by humanity, and were even the best at combat, which is how they easily conquered other people who essentially specialized in brutal warfare, such as the "Native Americans", or the Aztecs-- not to mention the fact that white Europeans had the technology to get across the ocean in the first place.

You'd need about four hundred consecutive "white history months" to get through all of the accomplishments.

To be clear, I'm an absolute proponent of liberalism: living in a country full of Thomas Sowell's or Ben Carson's would be plenty fine with me, and beyond that there's so much cross-breeding at this point that the concepts of "white" and "black" oftentimes aren't clear anyway: I personally know two "50/50" people-- one looks totally "white", the other totally "black". There was once a study which asked people to identify faces by "race", and the results were hilarious.

To me nothing is about "race"-- but to the Left, everything is about "race", and to them the idea of "whites", specifically of the rural variety who can build houses with their bare hands, who provide all of the food the city dwellers eat, and who are the experts of both self-sufficiency and firearms, is terrifying. Collective "white" action is the hottest of the hottest buttons for them, because it's the thing which would put an end to their shenanigans. That's why they devote so much time to mocking rural people: it's pure fear combined with self-censuring feelings of personal inadequacy.

It's also why the Left's priority numero uno is importing as many non-white illegal immigrants as humanly possible, as quickly as humanly possible: it's their way of "stacking" the voter base, to as-rapidly-as-possible disenfranchise the hyper-competent, independent-minded, strong white rural base, which is the existential threat to their power.

On a slight change of note, I've continued my reading of Chinese history, and today's America reminds me a lot of the period following the collapse of the Han.

The Qin were so warlike that their entire civilization was built around serving in the army, from the top to the peasants at the bottom. The second wealth would start to accumulate, they would intentionally start a new war just to drain the coffers. The Han, while not as extreme, retained a significant military aspect, with access to government positions based mostly on competency.

But during the subsequent "Three Kingdoms" period, the pendulum finished its swing to the opposite side: society became very decadent, to the point where young men spent their lives serenading each other and reading poetry. Meanwhile, court positions were doled out not to those with the most substance, but rather to those who had the best conversational skills.

The parallels to present-day America are obvious: Trump has substance but not smoothness of words, so he's bad; Cuomo murders elderly in nursing homes but wins an Emmy for his press conferences, only put under pressure after the scandal becomes so large it can't be hidden; young men who don't know how to replace a light bulb sit around on the internet all day posting about racist freeways and obscure video game plot points on Twitter.

Heck, there was even a period during the Han collapse where the court was run by a bunch of eunuchs! Another parallel.