The Exigent Duality
Death of Sports and Culture - 07:32 CDT, 4/03/21 (Sniper)
My first reaction to this was, "why is a sports channel airing footage of Beijing Biden, Sniffer-in-Chief?" Then I remembered: ESPN is owned by Disney. Yeah, the company that censors black and gay people out of the Chinese versions of their films, while calling me a racist. Got it.

My family wasn't big into baseball while I was growing up, but my parents were avid Minnesota Vikings fans. Every so often I'll see a car with a vintage-90s Vikings bumper sticker with the older helmet design and subtly different colors, and it's amazing how wistful that makes me feel: back then, Vikings games were one hundred percent apolitical, and something wholesome families in the state all watched together, or even at the Met or, later, the Metrodome.

Today... forget it: I can't make it five minutes through an NFL broadcast, between the not just vacuous but actively disgusting advertising and pop culture, the kneeling players, the empty stadia, the effeminate cry-baby millionaire players, and the constant political circus. Along with movies, video games, motorsports, and television, the Minnesota Vikings are just one more thing which has been taken away; there isn't much left.

Tucker also brings China into the discourse, which is timely considering I'd just got done reading this piece, about what the CCP's hilariously-named "United Front Work Department" has been doing to Christians in what amount to literal torture chambers. Kind of sounds like Creepy Joe's "unity". Do you think we'll have those chambers in the country formerly known as America some day? A cuckfaced soy boy with a whip will swing his hips, "you will put on your face mask while swearing on a copy of 'White Fragility', you bigot!"

Another rhetorical tool Tucker masterfully employs here is turning the Left's own "disproportionately affected" "logic" against them: "well gosh, doesn't Coca Cola-induced diabetes disproportionately impact black people, and therefore isn't Coca Cola racist?" It's about time Conservatives flip the Saul Alinsky table.

Incidentally, the CEO of my employer-- another institution I can't wait to "dox" some day-- sounds just like the meat heads in the segment: total blithering morons, little talking sack puppets with CCP and HR department hands up their asses, flapping the puppets' mouths up and down in sync to the words coming from off-screen.