The Exigent Duality
Organization - 08:01 CDT, 3/05/21 (Sniper)
I was contemplating just such a notion as this on my daily Murderapolis walk just a short while ago: while stepping over discarded, muddy WuFlu Burqas and used condoms, I thought to myself: "The only good thing about these Leftists is that they aren't breeding; I wonder if it's nature's way of correcting itself."

Another idea which has been bouncing around my head the past few days is how corporations are nominally like little Marxist communes, with "shareholder"-owned property, voting, groups within are referred to as "teams", and so forth-- and yet in reality, they operate like private entities: top-down, strictly hierarchical, and "do as I say or else".

No one minds "despotism" when the company is private, and people are clearly just temporary working hands hired by the owner-- because the owner is the one who takes the losses. But with corporations, the losses are socialized among the "shareholders", and it's the CEO and other executives who primarily benefit from the gains. Simultaneously, the employees have no real rights beyond anything they would have as a working hand, hired into a private firm.

Corporations are having their cake and eating it too. I'm no fan of labor unions generally, they themselves being creepy, violent, collectivistic entities-- but within the above perspective, they make sense in that they inject "democratic" patterns into corporations, like a plug-in for a piece of software.

Of course, as with everything there are two sides: the going rate for a good CEO or other major executive who can lead a multi-billion dollar organization with tens of thousands of employees is quite high-- it's supply and demand, the same reason professional athletes command huge wages. Then again and that said, from what I've seen from executives in my own career, they essentially sit in meetings all day dropping quasi-random anecdotes regarding things about which they know nothing especially: how much value do they really add?

I used to defend businesses, both "public" and private: but corporations have revealed themselves to be disgusting state-sanctioned abominations, not just going along with but encouraging all of the madness in the world today-- to the point where anti-corporate themes in video games no longer even bother me.

Even private businesses, like the "mom and pops" places in my local Murderarpolis community, are leaning full-tilt into having "BLM" signs, rainbow flags, sixty signs on their doors saying a WuFlu Burqa is required, and so forth-- the SJW retards who own them deserve everything which is happening to them now: they are indefensible.

In other news, I don't know much about this "Lord Sumption" beyond having heard his name before-- and yet he might be one of those Leftists whom I like, even if I disagree with him on many things. He at least seems very thoughtful and learned.

For example, among other useful things he points out the same notion I've articulated many times on this blog: people aren't obligated to follow immoral laws, and in fact are acting immorally by following them. Of course, then he goes on to claim that Aristotle's predictions regarding democracies has been proven wrong: I disagree; isn't Aristotle being proven correct right now?

This Sumption fellow even admits that current-form liberal democracies have only been around for a century-and-a-half or so-- I'd hardly call such a short period a repudiation of Aristotle's perspective on the matter.