The Exigent Duality
Impulse Buy - 20:52 CDT, 9/17/20 (Sniper)
I'm now the proud new owner of a PlayStation 5. I saw on Reddit that Walmart was opening up pre-orders, and after spamming their cart scripts about a hundred times, I got an order to go through: got emailed, and have the pending transaction on my credit card.

Wifey is not very pleased about this: "We both know you're going to wind up only playing like two games on it." "Three", I corrected her. Probably not a good time to be cute, in retrospect...

I have mixed feelings about it: on the one hand, why in the world would I buy one of these over a Series X, which is technically superior and has Game Pass? And why oh why would I prioritize this over Ampere? I cry a little inside when I think that I won't be getting one of those cards now.

In the end though, all that was flashing through my mind was that "Gran Turismo 7" footage... if this thing can produce visuals like that, then what difference do specs really make, past a certain point? As I said in my previous post, I even still think the PS4 Pro produces very impressive graphics, and the PS5 is multiple times more powerful, all aspects considered.

And it's not like I'm trading in my RTX 2080 PC or something: frankly, my PC is so close to the Series X spec-wise, that I could probably live with it as is for this entire console generation, aside from maybe buying a better SSD along the line.

So, I suppose this does maintain my access to all three major ecosystems: Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. I can also sell off my PlayStation 4 Pro now to get some cash back: won't be needing that anymore.

Provided I don't feel guilty and cancel the pre-order tomorrow morning...