The Exigent Duality
Walking Brainless Cliché - 16:51 CDT, 9/03/20 (Sniper)
I haven't touched my Switch in weeks, but that's soon to change: "Super Mario 3D All-Stars" looks like positively outrageous value; I found out about it, and placed a pre-order on Amazon immediately. Even just to have a Mario 64 Switch port all by itself, is worth the price to me.

Once in awhile I see a crony capitalist in some industry or another cite some "study" which says, "for every dollar 'invested' [with stolen taxpayer money] in my industry, returns two dollars in economic activity!" Only an idiot can't see the problem with that postulate: it's an infinite money generator! Just print fifty quadzillion dollars, and get one hundred back! Infinite EBT cards for everyone!

Not to mention, if all it took for the government to ascertain the means via which to obtain a one hundred percent return on investment was to spend a week in Excel crunching numbers for a "study", then why are they two hundred trillion in the hole in unfunded liabilities? Hurr.

Unfortunately, my employer just hired a new senior executive-- I was poking around his Twatter feed, and found him touting one of these "studies"... bodes well! He'll get along just fine with the empty-headed CEO.

He also "re-tweeted" an article about how Elon Musk had "re-defined" the automobile, hah! Yes, it only took billions upon billions all around the world of cumulative tax payer "credits" to knock prices off the MSRPs, grant exemptions from all sorts of laws, the doling out of "carbon credits", the deliberate torpedoing of diesel engines via the Volkswagen "scandal", and every other possible shenanigan...

Electric (external combustion) cars are a hammer in search of a nail: they're not even close to feature parity with internal combustion automobiles, and they cost a lot more even after the tax theft and legal double standards. They've been tried numerous times before, and died out almost immediately each time because they just didn't make sense. The only difference this time is the cronyism.; it's a poster child zombie industry.

Speaking of Elon Musk, I heard he unveiled some thing you plug into your head, and it'll cure your brain of everything. Apparently actual MIT PhD neurologists were laughing their asses off at it: "This is decades old technology! And ninety percent of what he said is pure fiction."

Back to the executive then: he's a technocrat elitist. He fits in quite well with the other limousine liberal, open borders, globalist, gated community "Black Lives Matter"-donating senior leadership types in today's Corporate America.