The Exigent Duality
Developments - 07:40 CDT, 8/26/20 (Sniper)
A neighbor who lives very close to my Murderapolis home invited me into his house yesterday, so I could see his ammunition-reclamation setup. I'm thinking about assembling just such a configuration at the bug out house.

Recently, a big storm hit the Murderapolis neighborhood, and several trees were felled. Out of the woodwork came the square-jawed white men with chainsaws, cleaning up the mess. It's important for Conservatives to remember that there are a lot of us out there, in secret. My aforementioned neighbor for one: he has no yard signs, yet his house interior has several "Trump-Pence" adornments within.

I found out that he's a Diaper Refuser too, like me: even on construction sites, he tells them point-blank that he won't wear one-- also like me, he's really good at what he does, which gets him the leeway he needs to dissent, and also keep working.

Interestingly, the first shots have been fired. Maybe it's begun. I notice that one video was taken during the day, and one at night-- which tells me that the "Black Lives Matter" domestic terrorists were hanging around in the town for multiple hours, not just passing through.

Finally, Hitlery outed the Democrat's next chaos-fomenting step, after global warming, Russia collusion, impeachment, wuflu, and George Floyd: drag the election into a legal battle. This while screaming from the roof tops that Trump won't accept the election results. They're already priming the American public by "warning" that the "results won't be known" on election night.

Given how quickly dozens and dozens of millions of Americans bought into the wuflu diaper-adorning nonsense, they're so gullible that the Democrats could make this the last presidential election, under some absurd pretense, and the general public would buy it: hook, line, and sinker. The diapers were a trial run to see how stupid people are.