The Exigent Duality
Dark Ages - 07:51 CDT, 8/23/20 (Sniper)
This is the third or fourth set of videos-- all in different cities-- I've seen involving the domestic terrorists known as "Black Lives Matter", calling for the confiscation of private property owned by "white" people: it's coordinated-- the Agitprop crowd instigators, the Obama-like "community organizers" with the megaphones, all got the memo.

My prediction has been that America will become South Africa: random gangs of "black" people will rove around, pseudo-randomly breaking into "white" people's homes, and murdering them. This will culminate in the government having an ANC-like "land reform" program, "transferring" property to its "rightful" owners. This ANC guy would have fit right in at the DNC convention.

California is doing away with anti-racism laws, and even my own employer openly supports and donates money to "Black Lives Matter", while instituting internal HR policies to hire "black" people instead of other racial groups. So I don't think my prediction is far-fetched.

Another "next thing" which will happen is gun-point enforced injections of Bill Gates-owned vaccinations. Obviously, sane people will flee to the rural outlands, and regroup there: strength in numbers. My favorite restaurant up there has a sign on the door: "our employees have medical conditions and won't be wearing masks; if you feel unsafe, shop somewhere else or order takeout."