The Exigent Duality
Old Equals Better - 17:49 CDT, 8/17/20 (Sniper)
The Saturn has a reputation for "not being able to do 3d stuff", yet I've been watching video after video on YouTube of it doing not just high quality 3d, but at smooth framerates as well.

Start with the trio of "PowerSlave", "Duke Nukem 3d", and "Quake". Then take a look at "Tomb Raider". Then "Croc". And I can first-hand attest to "Burning Rangers". This is just a small sampling of Saturn titles that have detailed, fully-explorable 3d environments. Not to mention the dozens of texture-mapped quad racers and 3d fighters.

As a change of pace, I decided to do some modern gaming today. I started up "The Outer Worlds", a game which I'd never finished-- immediately I wasn't really feeling the menus or the title screen music, but I ploughed in only to die when I couldn't remember the controls. The game then crashed on trying to re-load my save game.

Enough of that. I then picked up my Switch, which I hadn't played in like three weeks. I fired up "Minecraft", and after three attempts it was able to connect to Microsoft's services. I logged in, wasn't feeling it either, and quit, only for the game to hard-lock the hardware.

Shrugging my shoulders, I headed over to Etsy and asked my favorite repro guy if he could make me a copy of the aforementioned "PowerSlave". Much better! I'm also getting my fully-recapped, laser-lens replaced Panasonic FZ-1 3DO back later this week. I also had the fellow recap my Goldstar unit, although he hasn't been able to get it to read discs yet.

In other news, David Silva is a complete asshole: he had Lazio figures wining and dining him for weeks, offering him a private jet, private driver, and his choice of five mansions. A club in Qatar has been taking similar measures. Then his hometown club called, and were desperately re-working their books to accommodate him.

Today, completely out of the blue, he revealed that he went behind everyone's backs and signed with Real Sociedad.