The Exigent Duality
Moral Hazard - 19:11 CDT, 8/06/20 (Sniper)
If all goes well with my shipment, I will soon be a proud new owner of one of these: a Springfield Saint Victor AR-15. This will be my second firearm, after the Ruger Blackhawk .357 magnum I bought back in 2013.

But I wasn't finished there: firearm number three followed later in the day, in the form of this Walther PPQ Q5 Match. It was definitely a bit of a naughty, considering the last thing I really need is a premium-priced competition 9mm pistol-- but I fell in love with it at sight.

I hate spending money, and I normally would never have dropped $2200 on firearms like this. But the Fed has created profligacy as a real moral hazard: why not spend it now before it's being carried around in wheelbarrows? Which it will be given the M2's status these days, especially if a civil war breaks out.

Another interesting thing: uncertainty kills business investment, and they wind up just sitting on the cash instead. As a corollary, wifey and I have been wanting to sign local contractors to ten-or-more grand worth of projects for the Murderapolis house, which needs a lot of work: but with the political situation, why would we?