The Exigent Duality
Atlas of Surveillance - 06:12 CDT, 7/24/20 (Sniper)
I learned from this tool that the parent government county of the location where my Murderapolis home is, uses the following "tools" on its citizens:

  • They track people via cameras, then use facial recognition software to determine your identity.

  • They capture everyone's license plates via cameras and automated license plate readers, which can be used to record citizen movement.

  • They use a Stingray-style spoofing device, which pretends to be a cell site so they can intercept phone calls or implant data on people's phones.

  • They operate two drones, which can be used with the aforementioned facial tracking analysis software.

By contrast, the government county for the bug out house operates a single drone, and the essentially non-existent police forces have Barney Fife, with one squad car and a single bullet.

One more reason to re-locate.