The Exigent Duality
Hear Ye, Hear Ye - 07:52 CDT, 7/23/20 (Sniper)
My home state's own little tin pot dictator just mandated, via an "executive order"-- like a king's royal decree-- that people need to wear "face coverings".

Which of course, is like trying to stop a mosquito with a chain link fence, unless you're wearing exactly the right kind of mask, perfectly sealed against your skin, and also wearing tightly-sealed goggles and ear coverings. And, don't forget that if someone sneezes, it'll be on your clothes, in your hair, on your shoe laces, on your glasses, and so forth. Especially if the person who sneezed isn't wearing exactly the right kind of mask.

The only way to be "safe" is to wear a Hazmat suit. But you can't touch it to take it off either, because that will re-contaminate your hands. Drats! Indeed, section 3a. says that the "covering" can even be made of a "bandanna".

The "executive order" also takes lots of things for granted: other than trying to get Trump out of office, why would we want to slow the spread of this, when essentially everyone is going to get it anyway? Wouldn't we want it to spread quickly, especially during these nice warm summer months?

I also searched the document for the words "death" and "fatality". There is one mention of "fatality", which says that Minnesota had one-- singular-- by the twenty first of March, and zero mentions of "death". All it talks about are "cases".

I looked up the overall statistics, and there has only been three hundred and sixty non-nursing home deaths in Minnesota, in a state with five point six million people in it. That's 0.006 percent of the ordinary population who have been waxed. Probably more people died getting out of their bath tubs during that period.

Taken as a total number of cases, the non-nursing home fatality rate is 0.7 percent-- and that's not even broken down by age. And tests have not been issued to one hundred percent of the population either: probably most people have already had it, and didn't even know it-- dropping that fatality rate into the rounding-error fractions of fractions of percents.

No mention of any of that in the "executive order". It says that there have been "disastrous consequences" of re-opening: like what? No explanation given.

The hilarious part about this "executive order" is that it's not even enforceable: section 8a. says that anyone with a "mental health condition" doesn't need to wear one. Well guess what: I was once clinically diagnosed with an anxiety disorder-- so I'm off the hook. Further, section 15c says that no business can make me disclose my underlying condition.

In other words, and like all things related to the Wuflu, it's pure theater: people signalling that they're on Team Blue.