The Exigent Duality
Setting the Record Straight - 06:53 CST, 5/14/20 (Sniper)
One thing I've been observing about people suffering from gender dysphoria is how the onset of the disease is first preceded by significant mental illness. The proximate cause of their mental instability is their unwillingness to accept who they are, due to some significant traumatic experience in their past.

So, they create an "alter ego" of the opposite sex in an attempt to re-invent who they are as an individual, based on John Money's so-called "gender theories". Whenever some science surfaces which undermines those postulates-- which are totally fake, as Money made them up as a cover for his activities as a sexual predator, and thus contradictory evidence is legion-- these "trans" people become violent, and sometimes dangerous.

It's perfectly understandable: they've locked away their damaged "real self" into a box, in the closet-- it's much easier to play along with the "trans" fantasy than confront the past, especially when such make believe brings with it adoration and praise. When the science tells them that maybe they aren't actually of the opposite sex, they panic, and become aggressive: the prospect of opening the box in the closet is just too painful.

I feel sad for them: rock, meet hard place.

The reason I bring this up now is because there is a specific "trans" individual who became and has been obsessed with me for years, like some sort of creepy stalker. I haven't written about him because my rules are to not feed the trolls, and to steer clear of crazy people-- but that has to change now, because I have recently received this email message from him:

"Dear Mike,

Your intolerant beliefs and actions have caught our attention. Your employer has been contacted. Proper authorities have been notified. All subsequent blog entries on your site are being saved offline and will be used against you in due time through legal means. They are also being published elsewhere where they are more broadly viewable and identifiable. And your employer is also getting copied.

Eyes are and will be on you. And if you attempt to hurt anyone at any time, you will be stopped in your tracks.

So please, keep digging yourself this ever-deepening hole. It's been a pleasure for us all in watching your demented worldview and psyche crumble in the present ways of the world.

Take extra good care now."

This is not the first time this person has threatened me. But this is the first time in which the threats have been specific. Additionally, this man's wife has a history of attempting to get political opponents fired from their employers-- so this is modus operandi.

I have told this individual numerous times that if they don't like what I write, then to stop reading my blog-- or, in the words of Dave Chappelle, "remember, bitch, you clicked on my face." But like all mentally unstable people, it's not enough to agree to disagree, and to go opposite directions, living in peace-- no: even thought crime must be punished.

The irony of his gradual escalations is that for every threat he makes, the more he proves my hypothesis regarding "trans" people correct.

The part about me "hurting" someone made me laugh out loud-- a classic case of projection: who is the one making the threats here? And if I were to describe someone with a "crumbling psyche", I may just use the hypothetical example of someone who stalks another individual online for years. But that's just me.

Further, I'm a Libertarian pacifist for Pete's sake, as anyone who has read my blog for any amount of time well knows. I abhor violence. I don't even kill spiders, in my own home. I've written post after post-- an entire tome's worth-- espousing natural rights and non-aggression as the most sacrosanct of principles.

I also chuckled at the part about contacting my employer. There are close to a dozen people at my employer-- co-workers-- who not only read my blog on a daily basis, but who frequently contact me expressing total agreement with every word. A couple of these readers even work in HR. "My employer" already knows about the blog.

I have also gone to pain-staking lengths to never run afoul of my company's "social media policy": I have never disclosed my employer's identity, and there is positively zero way for anyone to associate this web site with them.

In any event, the United States isn't England-- not yet, anyway: in this country, we have freedom of speech, and freedom of expression. Everything I write on this blog, unless it's making specific actionable threats against specific individuals-- which I have no urges to do, have never done, and never in a million years would do-- is fully protected by the First Amendment.

If the book could somehow be thrown at me legally for freely expressing my opinions and hurting someone's feelings in the process, then it can be thrown at any web site on the entire world wide web, any physical newspaper, any novel, any magazine, or any radio show. Any judge would laugh the concept right out of the court room.

My stalker can huff and puff all he wants-- but he's going to need to learn to deal with the "present ways of the world" in that sometimes, people disagree about things-- and that disagreement is each individual's prerogative.