The Exigent Duality
Alien World - 15:33 CDT, 3/19/20 (Sniper)
Politicians and Federal Reserve board members don't hesitate for a second while "deploying" billions or even trillions of dollars bailing out banks through "asset" purchases. But when it comes to sending mom and pops a thousand dollar check, there is enough wringing to dry out every hand towel in the country. I'm not proposing that checks should be sent out: it's a terrible idea, as are bail outs for banks and corporations-- I'm merely pointing out their priorities.

On a somewhat related note, I read that there has been a confirmed case of influenza in my home city. I also read that some guy died of HIV there as well, and someone even got hit by a car! What is this world coming to? Well, I can tell you one thing: I'm not leaving my house under any conditions, and I am not removing my pillowed vac suit either! And if the President doesn't declare martial law, then he's a total ninny.

Speaking of that, why do people look to politicians for emotional support? I can think of few things creepier. I have no clue what "Orange Man" has or hasn't said about the "Coronavirus", and I couldn't care less. Yet I've read criticism that he hasn't been "reassuring" enough. Are Nancy Pelosi and The Donald your mommy and daddy? Whereas I'm of this school: "How do you know a politician is lying-- his mouth is moving."

Moving on to something with more levity, I can relate to Torvalds' notion. But then again, I'm strongly in this former group: "There are some individuals for whom email and phone/IM works just great. These are usually the self starters, so they're looking simply to get guidance and then get stuck in. Then there's the rest who are demanding more explicit instructions." With the exception that to me even "IM" is way too intrusive: email is the way to go.