The Exigent Duality
Makes Sense - 08:03 CDT, 8/03/19 (Sniper)
I sure as heck don't fit with the "millenials", but I'm the child of a pair of "gen x'ers", so I don't really fit there either. Behold then: the "xennial"; "analog childhood, digital adulthood." Born in '81, I was a DOS, broadcast television Saturday morning cartoons, turntable and record my music onto audio cassettes kid. As an adult, I have a 4K HDR television on my wall. Interestingly, wifey-- born in 1985-- actually fits into this "micro generation" as well, both from personality and technology standpoints, even though she's a wee bit past the identified cut-off.

In other news, in the post-Abramovich monopoly money Premier League I've long observed that English teams are between thirty and fifty percent overvalued. Lazio defeated Bournemouth in a friendly yesterday; their squad is filled with players in the 20-30 million EUR range, and yet individual-by-individual they were not anywhere near as classy as we were. I think if you dropped Luis Alberto or Correa into the Premier League, they'd instantly jump from 20 or 30 million to 50 or 60, just because they're playing in England.