The Exigent Duality
Invasion of the Hobby Snatchers - 18:25 CDT, 4/19/19 (Sniper)
Want to know why so many video game players are fed up with hipsters and SJWs "joining" the hobby?

"I used to go to a comic book shop that was the second floor of a tattoo parlor, and every Friday i would play magic the gathering with a lot of different types of people. There were students, there were people who after a long work week wanted to sit down and enjoy their hobby, there were people with disabilities, people on the autism/ Asperger spectrum that used this as their only social outlet. We all played and laugh together, would open card packs and get jealous of other people's cards, it was fun, and our outside lives were only really mentioned in passing.

Then when gaming was more mainstream, it was great! More people enjoyed the hobby i liked, and i didn't feel as ashamed about talking about said hobbies in front of people. But at some point, people wanted to move nerd culture away from the 'greasy nerds' that started it. What happened then is that the very people who shunned the 'greasy nerds' starting invading the culture that they weren't really invested in and trying to change it to suit them. People wondered why the nerds were so against 'gamer grrlls' and attributed it to mysoginy, when a more palpable reason would be that these nerds (mostly male at the time) would probably be shunned for openly enjoying their hobby by the opposite sex, so they probably felt pissed about the girls being celebrated for enjoying it.

Nerd culture started as a gathering of people that came to escape reality together, to do away from the politics of the every day lives. But then with it becoming mainstream, the original people who started the hobby are being shunned and kicked out of the space that they created, and worse of, saying that they don't deserve to have their own space even though they get ridiculed the spaces they share with others. Then they see their hobby, get changed and warped by the political ideologies and personal preferences of people who don't really have an investment in it to begin with."

I can relate to this! The world made zero sense to me as a kid, and video games were a nice refuge.


"That experience, and all the others besides, formed a core of shared experiences that pervades nerd culture. There was a discussion on slashdot right after Columbine, with thousands and thousands of posters all sharing the same reaction: 'I could never condone what they did.... but I get it.'"

This was exactly my reaction as the Columbine aftermath unfolded: I abhored violence, but boy could I understand what caused them to go through with it.

"Hipster douchebags and SJWs are generally incapable of producing anything of merit (or even judging it) and therefore have to co-opt someone else's culture to have any at all.

Cultural appropriation your culture belongs to hipsters now. You can't have it back until they find something to replace it with but by then you won't want it anymore.

...they ruin every culture they invade. Whether it be sci fi and fantasy, indie music, gaming, anime, tabletop. You name the subculture, if it becomes trendy, hipsters will latch into it abd ruin it."

This explains the lack of authenticity in modern games, especially within the "indie" scene.

To wrap up, it's worth another watch if you can stomach it, but viewed through the lense above: