The Exigent Duality
Bully - 07:54 CDT, 4/23/17 (Sniper)
Boy was this satisfying to watch. "Bill Nye" is one of late boomer totalitarians that I can't stand, and you can see it in this video; before Carlson can even ask his question, Nye is shouting out answers like a ritalin saturated six year old in a spelling bee.

That's because he's an entertainer posing as some kind of intellectual. And the only reason anyone gives him any sort of stage for anything, is because he's rammed down school kids' throats by their elementary school science teachers.

What's hilarious is that he released a damage control video subsequently, called "Round Two", where he talks to himself in front of a camera. That would be like Rocky beating up a pillow and calling it "round two". Really sad. Of course, this YouTube channel is also called "Big Think", which is one of those nauseatingly Leftist pretensions.
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