The Exigent Duality
Share price - 06:52 CDT, 10/21/16 (Sniper)
I'm not the only one that questions the market viability of the "Switch"; Nintendo's shares went tumbling after the reveal.

From a personal standpoint though, I'm in, as I've been saying ever since the original rumors started circulating. I spent $300 in 2012's dollar on the Wii U, and have gotten hundreds of hours of use out of it, on top of the hundreds of hours my kids have used it. If the "Switch" is even merely another Wii U, it will be worth the cash for me. Especially if it gets the 3DS franchises-- Fire Emblem, Monster Hunter, Pokemon, Etrian Odyssey, and so on (I will buy entries in all of those if they come out).

Plus, there is always that chance it does catch fire, in which case I'll have a handheld that not only runs indie games, but triple-A ones as well. The Youtube announcement has several million views, and Nintendo did announce a ton of third party developers.

On the other hand, the Wii U was in the same situation at launch; it had Darksiders, Call of Duty, Mass Effect, FIFA, Arkham City, Madden, and so on-- only for that support to disappear when it became apparent that sales weren't going well.
Uhh - 09:16 CDT, 10/20/16 (Sniper)
I waited for a year for this, and here it is: the NX. Er... I mean, the "Switch".

All of the rumors were true, except for that last piece of gossip-- the processing power appears to be 100% in the handheld, and the dock (more like a cradle now that I see it) is just for HDMI out. It also has some kind of adhoc wireless multiplayer, if you happen to know anyone else who even owns one of these gizmos.

And that leads me to: I think this thing will be a total flop, and it will be the end of Nintendo in the hardware business.

Since all of the other rumors were true, then I'm sure the "Tegra X1" leak was accurate too. So once again, it's counting on third parties to develop for underpowered, out-of-generation hardware, and to spend extra cash building in proprietary gimmicks for a platform that no one owns.

And good luck trying to lure the chad gamers they showed in the video-- why in the world would they want one of these instead of their Xbox or PlayStation 4? Nintendo didn't want to unveil this because they thought their competitors would copy it. What aspect of this would Sony or Microsoft want to copy?

The only hope for this thing from a sales standpoint is if Nintendo can market it into a sort of cultural "meme" like the Wii became. Then it can become a "shovelware and indie" platform.
NATO - 04:51 CDT, 10/20/16 (Sniper)
Quote; bold emphasis is mine:

"It's (Operation Anakonda) provocative, and actually quite insane. The Western media paints the Russians as the aggressors, which-- let me shock you by saying this-- is the opposite of the truth.

Russia is an economic minnow, producing nothing but oil and gas, and mostly unprofitably, at current prices. Its population is in permanent decline, and it's actually a disintegrating empire with a dozen secession movements. Its only serious industrial sector is manufacturing weapons, but even the most advanced Sukhois and MiGs (like the F-22 and F-35) are artifacts of a bygone era.

The Russians aren't in a position to threaten anyone-- entirely apart from the fact that conquering neighboring countries no longer makes sense. In today's world, you're no longer acquiring an asset to be looted, but taking on a liability.

As for NATO, it's outlived its usefulness by over 25 years. The huge military bureaucracy is just a hammer in search of a nail. It should be abolished before it gets everyone in a lot of trouble (Source)."
Not all racism is bad - 07:34 CDT, 10/19/16 (Sniper)
In the Gears of War universe, millions of humans fought a massive war against an equal millions of foreign, sentient invaders called the "Locust". The war took out most of the human population along with their homes, businesses, factories, and all manner of other structures.

I recently beat the Gears of War 4 campaign, and in it the characters re-encounter the "Locust"-- where every situation is "shoot on sight", obviously!

Racism is judging someone based not on their merits as an individual, but based on pre-conceived notions. No one who plays Gears of War 4, or consumes any of the thousands of media that follow similar patterns, complains about the characters being "racist" by shooting the hostile, slimy, blood-sucking aliens, even though that behavior is indisputably so. This is an implicit agreement with the statement that not all racism is irrational or bad.

Yet, the same principle falls into play in real life, and people refuse to acknowledge it. If there is a critical mass of people from one ethnic group that commit genocide against many members of some other ethnic group, people in the victim group would be irrational to trust members of the attacking ethnicity, by default. Technically, that's racism-- but I think any reasonable, non-ideologue would call it "using your brain".

At the same time a reasonable, non-ideologue is open to changing his opinion based on new information. And perhaps that's the core difference between a "racist" and someone simply exhibiting common sense.
Analogy - 05:03 CDT, 10/19/16 (Sniper)
People like to say that you can "own" computer files, even going to far as to say that they can be "stolen". But what exactly is a "computer file"?

A computer hard drive has ferromagnetic platters in it. "Files" are created when magnetic patterns are formed on these platters. Solid State-style drives use the same type of mechanism except they form patterns with circuits instead of magnetism.

If I arrange the pattern on my hard drive to match yours, lo and behold-- I now have the same "files" that you have! It would be like me stringing up my own Christmas lights on my own house to match the pattern you did on your own house.

In that example, you own your physical, tangible house and Christmas lights. But you don't and can't "possess" a pattern of lights, any more than you can possess the melody to "Jingle Bells", or possess Algebra, or possess joy.

The case of computer files is directly analogous; you own the physical, tangible hard drive-- but you don't and can't own patterns of electrons.
Escalation to the point of no return - 05:43 CDT, 10/17/16 (Sniper)
We've already had the Stalinesque situation of the Hitlery body double, and thanks to Wikileaks we know that the media is-- quite literally!-- a North Korean-like personal extension of the aforementioned Hitlery's campaign. Now we have Horseface "I can't ride a tricycle" Kerry either coersing, or forcefully executing (meaning, attacking), a foreign embassy in order to silence a political enemy (Assange). Where is the war declaration from Congress?

And we still have over three weeks until the election! If there was ever any doubt before about the nature of governments and its actors, and specifically the fact that America is a banana republic, let there be none now. And it's only going to get worse as desperation sets in for the powers that be. These people are letting the curtain slip away, and aren't even caring any longer, so desperate are they.

Further, this is a mirror into what America would be like with Hitlery as President. Just yesterday Obozo was saying how news needed to be "vetted for 'truthiness'" by the State before it could be published. And of course, he just signed control of DNS over to a UN committee controlled by despots like himself-- coincidence? I have zero doubt that Hitlery will fully execute that plan, and much more, should she win the election.
Speaking the truth is a crime - 04:24 CDT, 10/15/16 (Sniper)
!... so much for Trump being an insider. I now happily admit that I was wrong. It's surrealistic to hear someone in his position actually verbalizing the truth, so deep we are into the matrix at this point.

It's a shame I'm not watching this from the outside, but nowhere in the world is safe.
Telling - 12:05 CDT, 10/14/16 (Sniper)
No wonder Obozo's cabinet is so thuggish and inept: it was the product of cultural Marxism! "Let's see, how many violent transgendered Muslims can we fit into a room, versus actually picking the most capable people regardless of their ethnic or sexual background?" Incidentally, the approach sounds pretty racist and sexist to me!

Of course, there's also the fact that the entire motley crew was hand-picked by an executive at Citibank, which does not surprise me in the least. I remember openly laughing in the face of a friend back in 2008-- I tried to suppress my reaction, but just couldn't-- when he was enthusiastically telling me that Barry Obozo was going to "get money into the hands of main street". It hearkens back to this post of mine.
Good luck with this one - 05:51 CDT, 10/10/16 (Sniper)
Oh and by the way-- anyone who feigns disgust or tosses ad hominems towards the "alt right" also needs to condemn the tens of millions of supporters of "closed border" nationalist parties sweeping all over Europe.

If you're not sympathetic to people expressing in-group preferences, then you're going to need to explain away an awful lot of people.
Cripes people, it's not difficult to understand - 16:49 CDT, 10/07/16 (Sniper)
Do you love your family? Why?

Do you love your friends? Why?

I'll take a well-founded guess: you love them because you share values and experiences with them. In other words, you share a history: a heritage. This shared heritage creates bonds between you, and those who share your heritage.

How would you react if you knew there were a group of people-- foreign bankers, "multi-nationalist" politicians trying to obtain power, "intellectuals" from half way around the world-- that deliberately wanted to destroy those bonds? To isolate you and destroy the heritage you share with others-- your family, your friends-- within your community?

Look, I'm not a "patriot", or a "nationalist", by any stretch of the imagination. But it's remarkable to me that anyone could, with any degree of intellectual honesty, genuinely think through the above scenario-- applying it to themselves-- and not sympathize with the so-called "alt right" on at least some level.
A joke, right? - 16:18 CDT, 10/07/16 (Sniper)
This must be a joke article; the guy was missing kicks left and right-- ok, just left-- before the "big miss". It's been going on his entire career, even dating back to college where he was streaky.

The fact is, the guy has poor fundamentals-- it has nothing to do with confidence. If I had a dollar for every time I've heard "Ooh, he really needs to make this next kick to get his confidence back!" (the latest time being just this past game!) I'd be rich. It's getting totally ridiculous at this point.

So ridiculous in fact that I can just imagine if this keeps up-- he'll have been in the league for fifteen years, missing huge kicks at monumental moments, and people will still be saying "Gee, we've had him for fifteen years and he's struggled, but by golly all he needs to do is get his confidence back!"

When is it time to admit that he's just not a very good kicker? If Vikings go on to miss a Super Bowl berth because of this guy, when they've had all of this time to address the position...
Democracy - 04:21 CDT, 10/07/16 (Sniper)
One doesn't see too much Hoppe on Zero Hedge, yet here he is today! And it's a great article too.

I've often made the same argument to friends: "At least in a dictatorship you only have to worry about the dictator..."
The NX - 08:01 CDT, 10/05/16 (Sniper)
What I thought it would be: A handheld with TV out via a dock (Wii U in reverse-- processing power in the controller not the thing that plugs into the TV).

What it sounds like it will be: A "mobile" (Android?) tablet that can play console-style games when docked (processing power in the thing that plugs into the TV, again).

If this is true, it's basically Wii U 2, except the gamepad can run Android games-- and all of my enthusiasm is lost.

On the other hand, maybe it's like the Dreamcast's VMU? I actually dug playing little mini games, like the ones that came with Sega GT, or Sonic Adventure.

As before, I guess the devil is in the details-- I wish they'd just unveil the thing already.
What to do - 14:56 CDT, 10/03/16 (Sniper)
I'm at a real crossroads with my therapy.

While massive weight loss combined with relaxation techniques-- meditation, flexing and relaxing muscles, deep breathing, mindfulness-- have helped to lower my blood pressure somewhat and given me new coping skills, I've had a near total meltdown over the past month or so with my overall mental state.

I was studying derealization, which has been a full-time state for the past several years of my life as I wrote about here. The article mentions that this symptom is caused either by a brain dysfunction, or a traumatic event.

A couple of weeks later, I was talking to my dad, and he asked me which traumatic event or events laid the foundation for my problems. Being the second time in a short span that I'd been posed that question, I gave it a lot of thought-- and came up blank.

As far back as age four or five, I remember getting major stomach cramps or other symptoms of anxiety whenever I had to talk to strangers, or even when I knew I was being baby sat by extended family members. I would go out of my way to not make eye contact, or to provide any other cues which would initiate me being spoken to.

Put simply, there was no tramatic event in my past. And I have no concrete fears regarding my future either-- none of that "but what if I forget my car keys?" kind of compulsive worrying that one occasionally hears about. So if I have no fears from the past, and no concrete worries for the future, then why am I anxious?

Further, my daughter-- now six and a half-- has the exact same issues that I did as a child, and having been around her since she was born (duh-- I'm her father), I know of no traumatic event that triggered her social apprehensions.

All of this makes me wonder if anxiety around people is simply part of my nature-- just an outcome of my brain synapses and chemical composition. And if so, what to do about it? Psychiatric drugs? Weed, or alcohol? Try to find a job secluded in the middle of Alaska? And what to do about my daughter, so that she doesn't wind up like me as an adult?
Learning the wrong lesson - 14:32 CDT, 10/03/16 (Sniper)
Serbie Banders: "There are young people who went deeply into debt, worked very hard to get a good education, and yet get out of school and can't get decent jobs and are living in their parents' basements. There is a point there."

You bet there's a point: get government out of "education"! The misallocation of resources-- an overabundance of people with one type of degree, a serious shortage of people with other types of degrees, a trillion dollar bubble in loans of a very specific type-- are all positively classic outcomes of State intervention in markets. It's so totally text book that I couldn't script it any better.
Ford Bronco - 09:10 CDT, 10/03/16 (Sniper)
My eyes rolled as I clicked on the link. Then they got really wide after the image loaded. If they offer this in a manual transmission... it reminds me of the crazy off road cars from Mad Max!
Confirmed - 09:06 CDT, 10/03/16 (Sniper)
This "right on cue" thing happens to me a lot; on the heels of this post, comes a Neogaf thread with many, many dozens of quotes such as the below, discussing the eighth console generation:

"I've been a console gamer since 1980, and after this gen, I may be PC only. That, regardless of how this post might come across, is kinda depressing to me."

"incredibly disappointing. all the new ips have been lackluster and almost everything comes out with a dull thud. thank god for nintendo or i'd probably be done with gaming for the most part"

"It feels like we're still in the launch window."

"It's like the PS4 just came out a few months ago or something, because where are the must own games?"

"Honestly, pretty weak. Most of my iconic experiences still stem from ps2 and ps3. I have a hard time thinking of anything for the ps4 outside of rocket league and even that I have on pc as well."

"Easily the worst gen for me. Last generation had a ton of new franchises. Everything now is a sequel or game that was over promised and under delivered."

"Usually three years in you already had a generation defining game but this time around it seems we are still in that 'last gen game that looks better' phase."

"There's a very severe lack of diversity this gen"

"Worst gen so far, just not enough games and not enough variety. Still nothing from Rockstar. Almost no good new IPs. Really disappointing."

"This is the gen that makes me believe there is a decline in creativity in the majority of the gaming industry"

"I think that is more of an effect of Game budgets becoming bigger and bigger for AAA games and companies being weary of taking a risk on a new IP or creative endeavors with the fear of it failing and becoming a money sink."

"I never feel like buying a home console ever again."

And this is coming from Neogaf, where the hardest of the "core", triple-A console fans hang out! I was very surprised to click on this thread and find so much negativity; it confirms my aforelinked blog post, to an extreme!
The same thing - 09:47 CDT, 10/02/16 (Sniper)
You are best friends with your neighbor's wife. "Bring me an axe", your neighbor pleads, "and I will murder my wife that night."

The next day, you bring him an axe, and sure enough he murders his wife. You didn't directly commit the murder, but by George you were complicit, in that you delivered the murder weapon with full knowledge surrounding its ultimate use.

"I miss her so, she was my best friend", you complain to the jury as they throw you in prison for being an accessory to the crime.


You love your freedom. During one year's election, you vote for Ray Pugh, who is running for political office. "Vote for me", he pleads, "and I will follow through on all of the immoral, natural rights violations I brag about on my web site."

The next day, you vote for Ray Pugh, and sure enough he gets elected and enacts processes and institutions that immorally violate the natural rights of millions of people. You don't directly participate in those actions, but by George you were complicit, in that you took direct action to endorse Ray Pugh in full knowledge surrounding his ultimate purpose.

"I miss my freedom so, it was my best friend", you complain to your friend through the visitation bars, as you sit out your "tax evasion" sentence.
I can't imagine - 08:48 CDT, 10/02/16 (Sniper)
Ooh, an article with my home state as the subject matter! I love how he calls Obozocare "unfair"-- I thought government was the ultimate vehicle for "fairness"?

I can't imagine being a liberal Statist; the day-to-day cognitive dissonance must be staggering! Even if you ignore the hundred-plus million dead in the 20th century due to government central planning as a paradigm in places like China and the Soviet Union, the present-day world must be bewildering!

Trillions of fake money created by central banks, and the world is teetering on a flat-out depression. To the Statist central planner, how can this be?? Governments around the world have massive spy apparatuses, yet terrorism is increasing. How? Why? Obozocare is enacted, and "health care" becomes less accessible. How is that possible?? And now the machinery of politics-- the ultimate savior of "the little guy"-- delivers unto you Hillary Clinton, the receiver of hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign despots, massive corporations, and evil Wall Street capitalists.

I have a neighbor who, each election cycle, has literally every Democrat yard sign in his yard that he can find. This cycle? Zero signs in his yard. I bumped into him while on my walk yesterday, and asked him what the big machine in his yard was doing. "Oh", he replied, "that's a trump... er, uh, I mean a tree stump grinder."

Freud says hello, my friend!

I recently told someone at work that I've had to throw out my entire world view about three times to arrive at where I am now. The reason was because my old world views were not only not predictive of real-world events, but they were continously ass-backwards. By age 32, I pretty much had and have the world figured out: very little surprises me, and in fact events are fairly predictable.

But then you have this neighbor of mine... this guy is sixty years old, and still hasn't let go of his central planning worship and Statist belief system-- it's like a kind of religion for a lot of people. They literally can not process the idea that maybe central planning itself, as a paradigm, as a model, just doesn't work-- even when I explain the various mechanical reasons as to why it's ineffective.

It's like that time David Stockman was on CNBC, and one of the reporters asked, in the most incredulous voice possible, "but if the Fed doesn't set interest rates, who will??" I could tell it took Stockman every ounce of will power to now perform the world's most massive face palm.
Conservative - 09:53 CDT, 10/01/16 (Sniper)
The triple-A consolidation continues; how many publishers will even be left? But, this consolidation is necessary for the continued growth of game project budgets. And to the extent that the budgets grow, originality and charm-- already almost totally dead-- will dissipate.

I used to hold hope that indie games would fill the "novelty and character" void, but they haven't; most of them play like half-baked tech demos due to miniscule budgets, and the ones that are more fleshed out-- think Wasteland 2, or ARK: Survival Evolved-- are still exceedingly conversative from a style standpoint.

The best way to explain what I mean by "conservative" is to provide contrast: my brother sent me this song from Fatal Fury Special (from 1993) on the NeoGeo; listen how goofy and experimental it is! I'd never even seen or played the game before, but within minutes the song became iconic in my house. Outside of the creeper from Minecraft six years ago, and maybe the squid sisters from Splatoon last year, I can't think of any modern game that has provided such a quintessential element.

What was great about the 80s and early 90s is that gaming was in the "sweet spot" right between today's conservative, hipsterville cargo cult indie games, and the designed-by-the-marketing-department triple-A "experiences"; the budgets were small enough that there was tons of experimentation and risk-taking-- leading to first-order iconic moments and characters (the ones that today'd industry are still milking dry)-- yet large enough to support fully fleshed-out, ambitious creations.

Again, the best way to explain it is via an example for contrast. Here are some of my 3DO games:

On one shelf you have a: crazily-advanced first-person dungeon crawler; a third-person helicopter shooter where you explore large cities; a Desert Strike-style game with a weird superhero; a boxing simulator with historical commentary; a golf game featuring volcanoes; a proper Wing Commander title; a sandbox space sim with the best writing in the history of the medium; a two-player "capture the flag with tanks and helicopters" game; a theme park sim title; and much more. Hell, there's even a modernized take on Ballblazer for pete's sake!

And as experimental as every single one of these games is, they are all triple-A, with the level of polish, production values, completeness, and quality one would expect. Best of both worlds indeed.

Er, wait, did I say "quality"? Because you certainly can't find that from today's triple-A games, which is another way in which games have gone backwards. Broken and buggy gameplay, server crashes, day-one multi-gigabyte patch downloads, and PR department scrambling are the norm for today's game industry.

I've been playing the just-released Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 lately, and it's funny how perfect of a microcosm it is: the core game engine plays great, but stylistically it's quite literally as conservative as you could get.

On top of that, the game also has this big split between the old school single player modes-- which work right "out of the box", and which are all I play (Master League)-- and the new-fangled "today's gaming" modes. Every time I run the game, I get a full screen of notices: "servers are down, we deeply apologize!", "be sure to check out all of the new micro transaction items!", "match making is broken, sorry!" I have never seen a notice for the "straight from 1996" single player modes.

The core issue behind all of this is that video games have become main stream. And every time something gets to the main stream popularity level, it goes to shit. I was reading an article the other day that in 2001 (so, Dreamcast era) only 20% of high school kids played an hour of video games per day; today the number is 90%.

This means that the pasty white intellectual nerds like me, with a penchant for fantasy, who would sit around hunched over in their underwear playing Atari 2600-- the audience for whom video games were targeted in the 70s, 80s and 90s-- have been supplanted in the marketers' eyes by the dumb gridiron jocks, black bros from the hood, smart phone social network feminist nazis, and people who otherwise wouldn't touch video games if the medium wasn't popularily accepted.

So out goes the Ballblazer adaptations, out go the flight sims, out go the goofy Joe stage songs from Fatal Fury, and in come the Hollywood cinematics, in come the "share this with your friends on Facebook" integrations, and in comes the dubstep music. And when a designer does dare toe the line with a fearless (and even then not really) gameplay idea, he daren't risk alienating the hordes of "this is gay!" chad gamers by having any sort of of non-copy and paste aesthetic.

Still, and on a positive note, there are those very, very occasional moments of 80s and 90s novelty, in the form of two games I've already mentioned: Minecraft, and Splatoon. Both have first-order originality, both are high production value and fully-fleshed out, and both have provided the world with iconic aspects. And interestingly, both games have been monumental successes!

My current hope is that marketers and game designers will see the prominence of games such as those, and strike out into new territory more often. But that might be too much to ask in a world where totally bland, cookie-cutter games that have "Halo" in the title sell ten million copies in just a day or two.
Smokin' - 17:53 CDT, 9/28/16 (Sniper)
Great zounds-- look at this concept art!

Of course, this reminds me that I need to finish Wasteland 2-- a game which I loved, but never completed due to what was a significant backlog of other titles to play and review. I wonder how difficult it will be to get back into, and actually remember what I was doing?
Quiz time - 09:13 CDT, 9/28/16 (Sniper)
Pop quiz: which of the following environments would be better at protecting people from droves of nomadic terrorists?
  • Private or volunteer security guard details, manning large reinforced walls, surrounding small, mostly or completely self-sustaining cities of people voluntarily living together because of shared values, where everyone knows and watches out for each other?

  • "Public" police, controlled by corrupt government bureaucrats, beholden to the twisted, self-enriching political interests of foreign "institutions" hundreds or thousands of miles away?

Regarding the efficacy of the first, anarchic scenario, I'll leave it for my readers to argue. As for the effectiveness of the second approach, the world is providing us with the answer, real-time. I especially like the "imperils our culture" line, which is a direct acknowledgement of what I observed here.
Jonesin' for a fun sack - 17:09 CDT, 9/27/16 (Sniper)
While I'm on the topic of generations-- see my previous post-- let's talk about the late boomers, otherwise known as "generation jones."

From my experience many of them are know-it-all'ish, "smartest in the room", authoritarian types, but not because they actually are smart-- rather, it's a response mechanism that helps them mask their deep insecurities. Think Barry Obozo, or Roger Goodell, or Scott Adams, or Jon Stewart: all text-book examples.

Their unending internal contradiction between "I'm so smart" and "I'm an idiot" leads them to equally confused political beliefs:

  • "People are inherently irrational. So we need government institutions to make decisions for everyone. Politicians are people and therefore also irrational, but I'm just going to discard that contradiction."

  • "I hate people who are experts or sound smart, because it makes me feel insecure. It's not possible for anyone to know much of anything anyway, even though I'm exhibiting knowledge by making that statement. These elitist snobs are fakers who need to be taken down a peg and put in their place."

  • "I don't trust politicians because they are elitist snobs, as described in the previous bullet. But the thought of getting short-changed as an adult just like I did as a child is too much to bear. And the government can get me what I want."

  • "There are no such things as principles, or absolutes; everything is relative. Even though the statement I just made was an absolute principle. This view helps me rationalize my contradictory views with regards to politicians and governments; it's ok to steal if it's used for a good purpose!"

  • "People are ruled by their emotions; all supposed attempts at reason are actually driven by animalistic urges. So, it doesn't matter what people think: only what they feel-- even though that would invalidate the thought that I'm articulating right now. But this way, I don't need to worry about explaining or rationalizing all of my logical contradictions, which takes a huge burden off of my shoulders."

From where does all of this insecurity, and the Statist contradictions that go along with it, come? I'll let the Wikipedia article do the talking (bold emphasis is mine):

"The generation is noted for coming of age after a huge swath of their older brothers and sisters in the earlier portion of the Baby Boomer population had come immediately preceding them; thus, many Generation Jones members complain that there was a paucity of resources and privileges available to them that were seemingly abundant to those fellow Baby Boomers born earlier. Therefore, there is a certain level of bitterness about and a 'jonesing' for the level of freedom and affluence granted to older boomers but denied to their generation."

To be fair, there are many people from this generation with whom I enjoy working; in many ways, these collectivistic "paint with a generalization brush a mile wide" models are like constellations, or Myers-Briggs scores.

At the same time, I do see many patterns amongst people of certain ages, which is from where these generational models emerged in the first place.
X - 16:12 CDT, 9/27/16 (Sniper)
I was born in October of 1981, and because of that I always get lumped into the "millenials" category-- a group of people with whom I share very few characteristics.

In fact, I have many of the traits listed in the "generation x" Wikipedia article's mid-life section: "independent, resourceful, self-managing, adaptable, cynical, pragmatic, skeptical of authority, and... seeking a work life balance."

Actually, every one of those adjectives describes me. They are further described as people who don't "seek the limelight", and who "quietly do their own thing." Once again, an apt description of me.

Their parenting is described as "stealth fighter"-like: they "let minor issues go" and don't "hover"-- yet, they "intervene forcefully and swiftly" when something serious comes up. That is my parenting style, in a paragraph.

I've also learned from the article that I'm amongst the first group of people to make less money, in real terms, than their fathers at their age. Taking a look at the situation for "millenials", that trend continues to amplify. The descent into third-world territory is accelerating.
Where are my pixels? - 14:45 CDT, 9/27/16 (Sniper)
What's with the "Flash game" aesthetic becoming so popular? Super Turbo "Remix" from some years ago was the harbinger; now we've got the new Toejam & Earl game, the upcoming Wonder Boy titles, shit like this... ugh.

It's like Yahoo games Soduko for chad gamers. I almost can't think of a more hideous form of game art. It's like having a painting with no brush strokes or canvas texture.
Why did I bother-- never again - 10:29 CDT, 9/27/16 (Sniper)
I made the mistake of watching a half hour of the "debate" last night, in the off chance that Donald Drumpf was somehow not an insider, and that the "moderator" would somehow keep his mouth shut, despite having bizarrely written all of the questions himself (that's not how a debate works, people).

Instead, I got this:
  • Drumpf: "Stop and frisk" helped get the guns out of the hands of criminals in New York City.

  • "Moderator": You do realize that "stop and frisk" was ruled unconstitutional!!

  • Hitlery: Police officers are biased against blacks. "Social justice" ftw baby! BLM rules, cops drool!

  • "Moderator": (teddy bear voice, gently tossing a softball pitch to Barry Bonds) Do you think police officers are sometimes biased??

And then there was Teflon Don himself...

Context: Hitlery and her sometimes-husband Slick Willy have a history of calling hits against political enemies, going back decades-- bodies would appear, in "mysterious circumstances"; Hitlery let American citizens die at Benghazi, then lied and said the attack was due to an "internet video" to cover her own (significant) ass; Hitlery ran a private email server and let State plans fall into the hands of terrorists-- then lied to the FBI, then tampered with the evidence by wiping the server (for which, hilariously, her tech guy asked for technical help on reddit).

This woman is, quite literally, as sleazy as they come. During her various televised crazy eye-rolling seizure episodes, or when she literally collapsed (likely from pulmonary pneumonia resulting from Parkinson's Disease), I kept waiting for her head to explode, and a bunch of centipedes to run out.

Any competent debater-- even in this monkeyed up, deep state crafted-and-controlled, "the fix is in" format-- would make sure that not a single person watching would even dream of casting a vote for the re-animated corpse that is Ms. Cankles. It would be about as difficult as putting an exhumed Stalin on trial.

Fast forward to the debate: When Hitlery claims that Trump might have "conflicts of interest" because he wouldn't release his tax returns, what would be a logical response from Trump? Oh, maybe he could mention that she was laundering money from third-world dictators through her "foundation" in exchange for arms? Gee, that sounds kind of like a very real "conflict of interest" that has already happened!

Or what about when she was going on about "gun control", and not having guns in the hands of dangerous people? A quick response may have been: "Oh, you mean like all of those guns you sold to ISIS?"

Instead, he defensively wobbles his way through some silly response about waiting for an "audit to be finished" on his tax returns, or agreeing with her about gun control ("I need to keep you happy!"). And when he wasn't redundantly rambling on and on about China, these exchanges pretty much summed up the entire formula of what I saw-- question after question.

How to read this: Donald Drumpf and Hitlery (and Slick Willy!) have all been friends going way, way back; the former is at all of the latter's big birthday bashes, anniversary parties, the former was a Democrat all of his life until just recently, and so on. Maybe he didn't have it in him to tell the truth about his buddy (nice choice of friends!). Or, maybe he's just been a deep state plant all along? Like those old Kix commercials: "Clinton Tested. Soros Approved."

Either way, America's descent into a third-world shit hole will certainly continue unabated, no matter which of these bozos gets into the White House.
Sustainable farming - 15:25 CDT, 9/26/16 (Sniper)
It was mentioned to me recently that I should support "sustainable farming". "What does that even mean?", I wondered. "Why would someone run an unsustainable farm? Surely if they tried, it wouldn't be around for very long, by definition!"

Smelling something fishy, I checked out the "sustainable agriculture" article on Wikipedia, whereupon I was greeted by a five bullet summary:
  • Satisfy human food and fiber needs
  • Enhance environmental quality and the natural resource base upon which the agricultural economy depends
  • Make the most efficient use of non-renewable resources and on-farm resources and integrate, where appropriate, natural biological cycles and controls
  • Sustain the economic viability of farm operations
  • Enhance the quality of life for farmers and society as a whole

"Ok", I thought as I skimmed that list, "now I'm really picking up some rotten fish scent." Let's cut through the BS, one bullet at a time:
  • The entire point of a farm is to "satisfy human food needs". This bullet is meaningless.

  • This could mean just about anything. The article talks about hypothetical "that jack ass is using too much water!" scenarios. If the government would get out of water pricing, this problem takes care of itself-- I don't need to "support" it, or not.

  • Ditto. Absent government, "non-renewable" resources are priced; as they become scarce, the price rises, and farmers seek alternatives.

  • Uh, farmers do this on their own. Why would someone want to run an unviable "farm operation"?

  • Here it is: the inevitable collectivistic nonsense! "Quality of life" is a totally subjective measure, per each individual-- and "farmers" and "society" can't have a "quality of life", as they are figurative abstractions.

If you truly want to support "sustainable agriculture", go do your part to enact anarchy. Let's pick on California, just for the sake of an example:

I was reading the other day that a third of California's drinking water just runs into the ocean, because the government's "environmental" regulations prohibit the damming up of that water. Oh, and a handful of bureaucrats manually set the price of water (at gun point) in the State, which is why they have massive shortages. Nothing like a pathetic vote-pandering, heart string-pulling price ceiling, which makes sure that no one-- poor people included-- has water.

Example given, this partial aside: the government-induced shortage of course leads to more regulation, Ayn Rand-style, in the form of "water gestapo" thugs that arrest you for running the sprinkler or for taking too long of a shower ("I don't care that your balls still have soap on them!"). Good thing the State's actors care so much about "society's quality of life".
Genocide - 13:35 CDT, 9/21/16 (Sniper)
I'm sympathetic with the so-called "Alt Right"-- it's little too collectivistic for my taste, but at the same time they bring up some valid arguments; namely, that all of the "cultural Marxist" bullshit, propogated by State actors and other illigitimate "leaders" and "policy makers" in America, is essentially a form of systemic cultural genocide against Christian whites. The same thing is going on in Europe. They aren't physically killing whites, but death is only one way of disenfranchising people.

As it turns out, I'm not the only sympathizer: take a look at these numbers! Incidentally, how are things going for Merkel and Hitlery in the polls these days?

And that's exactly the point: it's up the globalists to hurry up and shuttle as many illegal immigrants and "refugees"-- terrorists or otherwise-- into classically white countries, such as America and Germany, as possible! That's how they will win: outnumber whites via illicit increases in their voter blocs, by any means possible (how about "accidentally" making people citizens? it's not like that's ever happened!).
Perfected - 14:17 CDT, 9/16/16 (Sniper)
I told myself that I wasn't going to do it-- but I did it anyway; I bought Pro Evo 2017. Got it from Kinguin for less than 30 USD. And boy is it fabulous.

I played a couple of matches over lunch, and not only did they fix the goal keepers, but the referee awarded a couple of simple fouls, once even when two players were going up in the air! Both flaws from last year's game: fixed.

The other few noticeable changes: the animation is way more fluid this year; replays after goals zip along; they added another cool layer of tactical options, which can be activated via the dpad by holding left trigger-- and yes, they can be set per pre-set tactic; ball physics are vastly improved, the ball moves more naturally than ever, and feels more weighted; and the menus have been re-worked, making them feel more consistent (overview philosophy, then drill-down into details, across the board-- even at half time).

The PC version is still on the Xbox 360 Direct3D renderer, but I see that someone has a SweetFX mod available already; with a couple of very simple mods, my PC installation of PES 2016 looked better than the PS4 port, and I expect the same result for this year's iteration of the series. I'm going to try this 2017 SweetFX patch later today.

Now if someone would just release an American Football Pro Evo-equivalent! I need my gridiron fix, but I don't have a console, and I don't want to support EA. It wouldn't even need to have NFL teams or the NFL's related licenses-- just make it moddable. And give it an older engine to save budget, who cares-- people can just "fix" it with SweetFX and other tools, just like they have been doing with the PC Pro Evo releases.
Surprise - 18:38 CDT, 9/13/16 (Sniper)
I laughed when I heard about Hitlery's "body double"-- silly conspiracy theorists. Then I went and found an article that had pictures, and... holy crap, it really was a body double! There was no way the person who emerged later on in the day was Hitlery; it was very obviously someone else.

So then, this marks the final moment when, for me, today's America has crossed over into Stalinist Soviet "editing people out of pictures" territory.

The fortunate part for Hitlery though is that she's already a member of the undead; I'm sure there are lots of ways to keep reanimating such a ghoul as needed.
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