The Exigent Duality
Did not anticipate - 20:35 CST, 12/09/16 (Sniper)
My copy of the PC Engine port of Street Fighter II: Dash-- aka, Champion Edition-- came in today.

What I expected: "The hardware really can't handle this... but it's still impressive! The system gives it the old college try!"

What I got: The best 16-bit Street Fighter; graphics and sound effects better than the Super Nintendo version. Music better than the Genesis port. Mesmerizingly fluid stage scrolling and overall animation.
Better fact collector than logician - 15:16 CST, 12/07/16 (Sniper)
If this is the best argument that someone like Molyneux can come up with in opposition to the notion of natural rights, then that tells me I'm on the right track.

"Otherwise valid notion A is now invalid because it became distorted by disingenuous politicians" is-- to use Molyneux's common quip-- not an argument against the validity of the notion.

It doesn't help that the caller is an absolutely terrible proponent of the body of natural law-- the conversation goes completely off the rails almost immediately. Many of the video's commenters are much better-- for example: "natural rights begin at self ownership and actions derived from that including association, contracts, property, purchases, freedom of action, etc."

It's also really strange that Molyneux rejects the concept, since his "universally preferable behavior" is essentially a (sort of shameless) re-branding of natural rights theory. All of this makes me question the logical consistency of his world view; if there are no natural rights in his mind, then how does he support the argument that the use of force is wrong, or that self defense is virtuous, and so on?

The video is also painful in that the caller equates natural law to object-oriented programming-- uh, wat-- followed by Molyneux providing, quite possibly, the worst explanation ever of said paradigm. I could scarcely listen!
Ugh - 19:53 CST, 12/04/16 (Sniper)
Playing "Cities: Skylines". Built a school. Game says: "The mayor believes in education! #nomorehomeschooling". Bulldozed school.
No logic, only emotion - 11:23 CST, 12/04/16 (Sniper)
Add "scalping" to the list of totally silly adjectives. Does one not have the right to buy something and resell it?

Many people who use that label buy stock low and sell high through their retirement plans, and buy houses only to sell them at a higher price. Dirty scalpers!
PC Engine collection - 15:24 CST, 12/02/16 (Sniper)
Continuing to build it up this Christmas! The holidays will bring the collection up to the following:

System and Peripherals
  • NEC PC Engine Duo-R - System, 1993
  • NEC Duo Controller, x2 - Controller, 1993
  • Avenue Pad 6 - Controller, 1993
  • NEC Multitap - Peripheral, 1987
  • Arcade Card Duo - Peripheral, 1994

  • Akumajô Dracula X: Chi no Rondo - Super CD-ROM², 1993
  • Alien Crush - HuCard, 1989
  • Beyond Shadowgate - Super CD-ROM², 1993
  • Bomberman - HuCard, 1990
  • Bonk's Adventure - HuCard, 1989
  • Bonk's Revenge - HuCard, 1991
  • Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure - Super CD-ROM², 1993
  • Devil's Crush - HuCard, 1990
  • Dragon's Curse - HuCard, 1991
  • Dungeon Explorer - HuCard, 1993
  • Dungeon Explorer II - Super CD-ROM², 1993
  • Dynastic Hero, The - Super CD-ROM², 1994
  • Fatal Fury Special - Arcade CD-ROM², 1994
  • Final Lap Twin - HuCard, 1989
  • Gate of Thunder - Super CD-ROM², 1992
  • Galaga '90 - HuCard, 1988
  • Godzilla - Super CD-ROM², 1994
  • Keith Courage in Alpha Zones - HuCard, 1989
  • Legendary Axe, The - HuCard, 1989
  • Might & Magic III: Isles of Terra - Super CD-ROM², 1993
  • Military Madness - HuCard, 1990
  • Ninja Spirit - HuCard, 1990
  • Rockman - Super CD-ROM², 2014
  • Victory Run - HuCard, 1989
  • Ys Book I & II - CD-ROM², 1989
  • Ys III - CD-ROM², 1991
Bound and gagged - 17:52 CST, 12/01/16 (Sniper)
Am I ever going to need to build a new PC again? I'm half joking-- but only half.

I was doing some overclocking and 4k/"ultra" benchmarking last night. My three-and-a-half year old Haswell 4670k CPU-- at its stock 3.4 GHz-- was internally running the Gears of War 4 engine benchmark at 174 fps. My 6.6 teraflop GTX 1070 could only render the happenings at 45 fps.

I'm reading that Kaby Lake is 11% faster than Skylake, which was-- let's say for example-- 11% faster than Haswell, and so on. For a gamer, what in the world is the point when modern games are so comically GPU bound?

Of course a new chipset brings other advantages, such as higher memory bandwidth and the like. But all the same, unless a new generation of games comes out that are massive hadron collider-like physics simulators, or the next wave of GPUs are several times the power of the current ones... when will I actually need a full-on platform upgrade?
At the bottom - 14:27 CST, 11/30/16 (Sniper)
For once, I actually bought low: I snuck in a mortgage refinance at 2.75%, which turned out to be the lowest point in the trough.

Of course, rates could be rising because the bond market is crashing-- so it could all wind up being a net loss for me anyway!
Lego robotics - 06:03 CST, 11/29/16 (Sniper)
I would love to get my daughter going with this. Specifically, I'd rather she start with an actual language like Python-- which is also a very easy language to learn for a beginning programmer-- versus some goofy proprietary thing that a toy company made up.
Pulling the hand brake - 10:28 CST, 11/28/16 (Sniper)
It's positively frightening how:
  1. People-- "world leaders" in this case-- quite literally try to rewrite history using misinformation and euphemisms
  2. That other people-- as evidenced by leftist web sites and their readers-- actually believe the revised history
  3. That a combination of the people from the first two bullets-- we'll call them "globalists"-- want to inflict Castro-ism on the entire world

Pulling the hand brake on these nuts is the biggest reason why I am net positive about Donald Trump.
A tall mountain to climb - 08:41 CST, 11/28/16 (Sniper)
People who want State-run bodies to "take action on climate change" are making the following assumptions:
  • It will be different this time: When my father was in school, the students were alarmingly told by Marxist teachers and Statist politicians that pollution would cause a new ice age, complete with detailed time tables. The models and time tables were totally wrong.

    When I was in school, I was alarmingly told by Marxist teachers and Statist politicians that pollution would cause run-away global warming via destruction of the "ozone layer", complete with detailed time tables. The models and time tables were totally wrong.

    Today Marxist teachers and Statist politicians alarmingly tell students that any variation in temperature is due to pollution. This time their models and time tables can't be wrong, because they've created a tautology. Such a logical construction is not a form of deceit.

  • And if so: That the State's actors actually care about the environment, versus power. The US military uses hundreds of trillions of Btu's of energy per year.

  • And if so: That the "climate scientists" have pure motives, when there is documented evidence regarding corruption, collusion, and goal seeking within "climate research"-related institutions.

  • And if so: That the large corporations and the many millions dollar lobby sub-industry pushing for "political action" have pure motives, when history reveals that corporations and their lobbyists usually push for laws to knock rungs out of the market ladder below them.

  • And if so: Meteorologists can't accurately predict the weather tomorrow. Yet, "climate scientists" can accurately say that pollution, versus the sun or billions of years old natural processes, will cause some difficult or impossible to quantify, subjectively-evaluated negative consequences related to accurately predicted weather dozens or hundreds of years into the future.

  • And if so: That market forces and profit seeking entrepreneurs won't come up with a solution.

  • And if so: That impossible to foresee changes in human society will not render the problem moot.

  • And if so: That the negative consequences will outweigh the positive consequences. Fossil fuel civilization has made all climates safe. It makes sense to roll back progress.

  • And if so: That it is moral, and that the actors have the natural authority, to gun-point enforce laws that will not ask, but force people-- especially those in lower-income areas and countries-- to go without precious fossil-fueled resources.

  • And if so: That State action and by-nature corrupt political processes, no matter how violently enforced, can actually and materially change the weather, when the course of human history shows State actions often or usually having the opposite of their intended effects.
Sanity, at last - 10:36 CST, 11/26/16 (Sniper)
This is the primary reason I was pulling for Trump-- it makes the world seem just that little less dystopian.
Autocrats - 07:13 CST, 11/23/16 (Sniper)
"If we are not serious about facts and what's true and what's not, if we can't discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda, then we have problems." -Barry Obozo

Back when Obozo was new on the scene, I used to read through the transcripts of his speeches, whereupon I found that nearly every sentence-- even when "facts" were stated-- was either partially or totally disingenuous.

For example, Barry would say things like "unemployment is now at a low 6% and dropping!" Technically yes, the U1 measure read "6%". But that measure is nearly worthless, because its net is so narrow. The U6 measure, which captures the long-term unemployed and the underemployed, was nearly 20%. And the sites that lefties now try to discredit were and are actively reporting those facts.

And therein lies the incredible danger of this "fake news" development amongst autocratic lefties: if Obozo had his way, U6 unemployment would constitute "fake news", because it doesn't fit his agenda. What's more, are not his own speeches "fake news", because they are propaganda rather than "serious arguments"?

And yet, I would never dream of trying to censor Obozo. Let him flap his gums-- I just won't listen because he's demonstrably not a credible source of information. Ditto for CNN-- let them publish all of the "editorials posing as news articles" that they want-- I just won't read them, because thanks to Wikileaks, I know that CNN's writers are just mouth pieces for the Democrats.

To flip it, if lefties think that sites like Zero Hedge aren't credible, then don't read them. Better yet though, draw information from a variety of sources, and do your own investigations.
Stagnant - 09:29 CST, 11/21/16 (Sniper)
It's funny how insanely relevant this now five year old post still is. The only thing I would add to it now is a paragraph addressing the fallacious notion that indie games are somehow filling the "novelty" void, when they are either A) no more than tech demos, B) have absolutely obnoxious cargo-cultist aesthetics, C) simply ape existing ideas ad nauseum, or D) all of the above. I've yet to play a single indie game this side of Minecraft that gave me those "mind blown" chills.

It all boils down to a total lack of ambition. Game developers were doing full aircraft and car physics on 386, 33 MHz computers with 2 meg of RAM in the early 90s, along with simulations of ant colonies, entire theme parks, celestial bodies, and who knows what else, combined with totally experimental aesthetics-- which went on to become iconic because they were great.

Today's computers can push over eight million pixels at 60 fps, and developers are harnessing those 6+ teraflops of computing prowess by... making endless Morrowind, Halo and Super Mario Bros. clones that use "made in a factory" aesthetics, where you can scarcely remember if a given game even had music five minutes after you quit playing. It's very sad.

I think I'm feeling extra sensitive to this dynamic today because I've been trying to play and enjoy Dragon's Dogma-- which I've reviewed already-- and Yoshi's Wooly World, both of which are as stale as a three week old loaf of bread. Especially the latter-- I almost can't believe how mediocre it is, especially for a first party Nintendo title!
Huh - 12:34 CST, 11/18/16 (Sniper)
I signed up for Amazon Prime today just for "Grand Tour", only to find out that I don't really have a way to watch it thanks for Amazon's Apple-esque walled garden.

I can't cast it to my Vizio P50-C1, because Amazon's video app-- as I found out after I jumped through hoops to get it installed on my tablet-- apparently doesn't support Google Cast. There goes 4K and HDR.

I can't watch it on my Sony SXRD in 1080p, because the Wii U's Amazon app seems to be dead-- I just get a meaningless splash screen when I follow the link within the app to "register my device".

I think I can play it in a web browser on my PC. But then I'm limited to 720p and stereo sound, which kind of sucks.

This is my first exposure to Amazon outside the realm of their store front, and I can't say I'm impressed. Maybe I should see if I can get a refund on the Prime membership and just wait for someone to leak the show-- 4K and HDR included-- to BitTorrent. Tempted to do that just to spite them. Copyright is a phony moral claim anyway.

Update: The Wii U app works-- I just didn't have the TV on, which is where they were displaying the registration info (versus the gamepad screen of course, which is what I was looking at). So I have the show working in 1080p on the SXRD at least. Which is exactly how I watched and enjoyed all of Top Gear, incidentally-- so I'm not going backwards at least.

I could spend an additional 90 USD-- bringing the total up to 160 USD just to watch this single show-- and get Amazon's latest, 4K, HDR-compatible "TV stick". Oh, but guess what: my TV isn't "certified" for their HDR support. Meaning, they're bending me (their customer) over, because the "content holders" have concerns over "piracy" of their precious HDR content.

Amazon is reminding me exactly of Microsoft in the 90s and early naughts: more interested in deliberately blocking interoperability (classic Richard Stallman "anti-features"), versus putting their customers first. That approach totally backfired on Microsoft when the latest disruptor-du-jour came along in the form of Google. And undoubtedly this tact will have similar dire consequences for Amazon.

Funnily, I can watch this show in 4K, with HDR, at the bug out house: Amazon apparently worked a one-off deal with Sony to include a custom Amazon streaming app with Sony's Android TV implementation. So my cheaper (than my Vizio) x800d will have the full monty.
Switch launch - 08:59 CST, 11/16/16 (Sniper)
This is getting ridiculous. At launch, I'm going to want, in priority order:
  1. The premium model with Splatoon packed in
  2. The new Monster Hunter title, if available
  3. The spiritual successor to Mario 64
  4. The enhanced edition of The Elder Scrolls V

That's a total of something like 515 USD, after sales tax! And what if the system also gets a day one port of Madden NFL 17? Not to mention, "Breath of the Wild" will be out within months of launch? I guess it's time to do some extra chores around the house to butter up wifey...

I'm starting to feel more optimistic about this system. Undoubtedly, it will sell like gangbusters in Japan, where many people spend half of their lives in trains going to and from work. And in the West, it's going to look awfully attractive at the leaked 250 USD price point, with this selection of games available.
Debt - 11:21 CST, 11/14/16 (Sniper)
The entire world today is built on the issuance of debt, paid for with Monopoly central bank funny money that isn't backed by anything real, which is then spent by government central planners on "investments", implemented by their best buddies.

There are numerous sustainability problems with this model, but foremost among them is the fact that it continually and infinitely requires growth to service the debt's interest. And growth means that more young, productive people need to produce at an ever-faster rate to serve the ever-growing interesting payments, plus the expense of paying for the old, non-productive people.

Any honest man would assess the entire debt paradigm and throw it overboard, whereupon he would replace it with money-based-on-assets-- "this paper bill is merely a placeholder which you can redeem for some actual asset from the treasury"-- and its resultant slow, steady, and sustainable increases in accumulated wealth.

The trouble is, the world is run by the largest-in-human-history criminal enterprise-- a series of what are called "nation states", each with its corresponding influence radius of public-private sub-cartels. And the people who run this cartel are getting insanely rich by skimming off the top of the debt model.

A threat is made to the model? No problem: one nation state president just phones another to keep the scheme alive. There is a problem though... and the scheme is already in the preliminary stages of collapse.
Spot on - 07:13 CST, 11/13/16 (Sniper)
I don't think there was a single sentence I disagreed with in this entire post.
I wouldn't have called this before, but... - 07:12 CST, 11/12/16 (Sniper)
I got "Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen" as part of the Humble Monthly bundle, and have been playing it in 4K on my family's Sony x800d (at the bug out house), and my Vizio P50-C1 (at my Minneapolis home). Some major observations have hit me as a result:
  1. 4K is an absolutely huge leap from 1080p. I went straight from playing Dragon's Dogma for a few hours to Super Mario 3D World (on an older 1080p set) with my son, and it was exactly like going from the 360 at 1080p to the Wii at 480p, last gen. 1080p looks smudged in vasoline by comparison.

  2. Games made for current graphics hardware are a similarly huge leap in tech quality. Dragon's Dogma probably would have impressed me a lot when it came out originally just four years ago for the PlayStation 3. But when jumping in after playing, let's say, Gears of War 4, Dragon's Dogma almost looks like a Dreamcast game to me at times, with its low texture resolution and basic geometry.

And on that Gears of War 4 note, I've been tinkering with that game in 4K, and at that resolution with all graphics options 100% maxed, I average almost 40 fps! Click the image for the full version.

If I turn on 20% dynamic resolution scaling within the game's settings, that brings me up to over 40 fps on average, and pulls the average bottom 5% up over the 30fps threshold. I love 60 fps as much as the next guy (Dragon's Dogma is almost barf bag inducing it's so butter smooth), but I'll take 4K at 30 fps in a game like Gears of War 4 over 1080p and 60 fps, any day-- the increased resolution really makes the game's art sing.
Rationality - 13:53 CST, 11/10/16 (Sniper)
I know the election is over, but I still keep hearing lefties saying that Hitlery is so much more rational than Trump.

Trump believes:
  • That the border should be secured, and immigration laws enforced
  • That America's involvement in all of the crazy wars is designed to enrich the corrupt, global elite, and that he will put a stop to it
  • That Americans are being ripped off by one-sided trade deals, which he vows to eliminate and replace
  • That America's interests should be put first, and that for people who obey the rule of law, they should have equal opportunity to pursue their dreams

Hitlery believes:
  • That people here illegally should be granted amnesty as a reward for having broken the law, because they vote Democrat
  • That the Western hemisphere should have one giant mega government, controlled by Hitlery's friends and financed by your friendly neighborhood Goldman Sachs brokers
  • That America isn't involved in enough crazy wars, and that America should risk a nuclear exchange with Russia over a Syrian no fly zone
  • That radical leftist ideological models' interests should be put first, and cultural Marxism should determine how much opportunity people have

Only brainwashed social justice warriors, life-long welfare queens, or white "useful idiot" suburbanites on the way to Whole Foods will view desiring rule of law, or resistance to a radical new global order, as irrational positions.

Trump has been saying these things for the past thirty years; that's some impressive constancy! There is nothing impulsive or off-the-cuff about him.

I disagree with Trump on tons of things-- he's a big Keynesian, and loves his boondoggle Roosevelt-esque "infrastructure projects", for starters. But when comparing rationality, Hitlery is totally off the deep end.
Revealing - 07:11 CST, 11/10/16 (Sniper)
It's always revealing when people use parental analogies to describe the State. Here is a fellow wishing that mommy and daddy-- Hitlery and Trump-- would stop fighting.

Ugh. Freud says "hello". This strongly relates to a post I made last year, wherein I asked why people are "so eager to follow".

Politicians are total strangers who usually live far away, both literally and figuratively; they have no idea who I am personally, and so they couldn't care less about me or my interests (they can't logically, because they don't even know I exist); they tend to have strong psychopathic and totalitarian streaks; they enact "laws" that violate the natural rights of millions of people, and they enforce them through violence and intimidation; there are thousands of years of history of politicians using manipulation and fraud to lure people to their own doom.

All of those statements aren't my opinion; rather, they are demonstrable facts. A healthy perspective regarding these people is that they and their influence should be avoided at all costs, and that they should be viewed somewhere on the spectrum between prudent distrust and outright contempt.

Instead, I routinely see people treating politicians with crazily unfounded reverence, or even-- as in the example above-- equating them to their own parents! It's the perspective of a sick and troubled person-- and there are a lot of such people out there.
Make the division literal - 06:29 CST, 11/10/16 (Sniper)
Look at this map! I wish the US would just split into separate countries, maybe along existing state lines; all of the people from the blue areas can move to California and just leave the rest of us alone. The vast majority of US states have GDPs the size of or larger than European countries anyway.

Additionally, the popular vote-- Hitlery "won" by 200k votes-- is total bull; as one commenter points out, we need the equivalent of a "voting deflator" to adjust for all of the illegals and dead people that casted ballots.

Splitting the country up would be a far cry from the anarchic civilization I desire, but it would still go a long ways towards creating happier culture, where people are largely living alongside those with whom their values are shared. As opposed to right now, where neighbors basically hate each other because they are from opposite planets when it comes to perspective.

On that note, I once again returned to Minneapolis last evening from the tranquil bug out house-- had to get the internet access going up there-- and drove past several Trayvons walking down my alley, blaring ghetto music and shouting "nigga" at one another. I'm sure there's a nice warm igloo for each one of them in Antarctica.
A river of morons' tears - 07:51 CST, 11/09/16 (Sniper)
I am seriously saving these pictures forever: "Awww, duz the wittle bitty useful idiot social justice warrior need to go to his safe space? Now now der!"
Sanity restored - 07:46 CST, 11/09/16 (Sniper)
Oh yeah, and on day one after the election, where Trump hasn't even taken up office yet: World War III (at least with Russia) averted.

Interestingly, this fulfills a massive what-appeared-to-be-a gap in Xenakis' "Generational Dynamics" theory-- that in the upcoming crisis war, the US and Russia will be allies. His model predicted Trump's victory.

All Putin wanted was a rational actor as US President-- one that he could negotiate with, knowing there they stand: that they have America's best interests at heart, just like he has Russia's best interests at heart. This, versus trying to negotiate with nut bag ideologues like Obozo and Hitlery; it's impossible to negotiate with someone when their motives are largely covert and ulterior.
Trump! - 07:34 CST, 11/09/16 (Sniper)
In the words of the late Denny Green: "There's a new sheriff in town."

For the first time in my life, I'm finding myself avidly reading the "off topic" section of Neogaf. It's fun watching hundreds of cultural Marxists trying to decide on whether to drown themselves, or move out of the country. Bye guys!

I also can't wait to overhear some of the reactions from coworkers. Just like my youngest brother's former (he's since graduated) high school, the company I work for has been taken over by and infested with cultural Marxists (at the director level), and the VPs and the board are giving these people free reign to turn the company into some sort of crazy "radical social experiment" institution.

A significant minority of underlings at the company openly support the nonsense, and I'm sure they will be just as openly expressing disdain at the election's outcome.

So now, Trump's first initiative should be: work to dismantle absolutely everything Obozo Caligula did during his time in office-- starting with Obozocare!
FBI "investigation" in the banana republic - 13:15 CST, 11/07/16 (Sniper)
After listening to this, I feel like I need to spend the next several years scrubbing my skin with bleach.

In any sane environment, any one of the dozens of absolutely crazy revelations revealed over just the past several weeks would immediately disqualify Hitlery from contention, if not outright send her to prison. These scandals make Watergate look irrelevant by comparison.
Decentralization - 06:04 CST, 11/07/16 (Sniper)
Long-time readers of this blog know that I've been talking about decentralization for years, as one of the several pillars supporting my views of anarchism. Here is a data-driven approach that supports my conclusions.
Trajectory reversal attempt - 16:58 CST, 11/06/16 (Sniper)
I was at the bug out house over the weekend, amidst a sea of Donald Trump signs-- I must have seen fifty or sixty Trump and "crooked Hillary" signs just on my drive there-- talking to a fellow who was casually explaining how he, by himself, redid the foundation of my new house: "Oh, I just jack hammered the wall, brought the skid loader down, propped up the house with two-ton jacks, and extended all of the concrete."

While he was talking, I was trying to figure out what a "skid loader" was while simultaneously wondering what elite percentage of human beings know how to accomplish such a feat, and with such ease. It's no wonder these people respect Trump: they are strong, independent, and extraordinarily talented and intelligent; even though Trump is no anarchist, these people don't need the State or the corruption fundamentally endemic to the whole institution, no matter its incarnation (which is where they're going wrong in participating in the whole facade by voting-- but that's for another post).

On the drive home, past another fifty or sixty Trump signs facing the opposite direction along the roads, I thought to myself: "It's Trump and Julian Assange versus: the entire banking cartel; thousands of corrupt and filthy rich financiers; thousands of corrupt ministers running dozens of crooked alphabet soup State agencies; fifty section eight welfare mamas per square foot for every competent hard working farmer; and third world despots with their hand in the lucrative military industrial honeypot that Hitlery and her friends provide-- and he might still win!"

As further anecdotal support for that hypothesis, my mom and brother bought tickets for and drove to the Trump rally today. There were so many people that they couldn't even get in; 3000 were let in, the remaining 10,000 stood outside chanting "lock her up!" Remember: for perspective, this is in Minnesota-- the only state Reagan didn't take in his landslide reelection bid.

I don't have a good model for predicting this election's outcome; on the one hand, it could be a tidal wave victory for Trump on a tsumani of "little people" support-- like Brexit, part deux.

On the other hand and unfortunately though, there is a hammer blow to that theory: the drive back to my Minneapolis home culminated in me encountering, as I turned a corner, a man so fat that he was about four feet wide, riding a shopping cart scooter down the center of the road, with about eight Cub Foods plastic bags hanging from it. There are millions, and millions, and millions-- the world's largest army-- of people like him, being made fat (literally and figuratively) by the status quo, controlled and ran by the most twisted, nefarious, psychotic, and sociopathic people on the planet.

Hitlery is one of the oligarch's queens. Trying to stop her momentum and that of her minions is like trying to reverse the spin of the Earth by running the other way.
Touche - 04:25 CST, 11/03/16 (Sniper)
My brother has been getting pestered by birdbrained statists recently, so he decided to make lemonade. Click the below image for the full exchange.

Second 4K HDR TV - 11:13 CST, 11/02/16 (Sniper)
I ordered one of these for the bug out house, along with a cheap Samsung sound bar. Given its strengths and weaknesses, I won't be surprised if I wind up preferring it over my more expensive Vizio P50-C1, as great of a TV as that has been for me so far.

Specifically, the Sony's super low latency HDR support will really bear fruit in the coming months and years. Whereas, with my Vizio it almost feels like I'm going to be choosing between latency, or HDR. Unless, of course, Vizio can optimize the processing via future firmware updates, which is a distinct possibility, and is something they say they are working on.
Get me the hell out - 12:50 CST, 10/30/16 (Sniper)
Thank goodness I have a place in the middle of absolutely fucking nowhere (town population of ~400) to call my own... it's going to be bug out time soon.
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