The Exigent Duality
Pathetic - 21:28 CDT, 4/22/17 (Sniper)
I've rambled my way through one of my trademark Wikipedia link runs, from the Communist sociopath (was there any other kind?), Don Knotts-lipped Nicolae Ceausescu, to his homely and androgynous wife, to the vacuous, empty, long-mouthed stares of Hirohito and his twist-toothed wife, holding their dumb and blank looking baby... and of course, the picture of them being escorted by the blithering idiot Gerald "WIN button" Ford and his preposterous femi-Nazi wife's "Jetsons" style hair-do...

And then you realize that these are the kinds of people that rise to the very top of Statist societies: that have statues, and monuments constructed in their honor; they have libraries and streets named after them; they win prizes, and go on celebrity-style photo-ops.

People gape and shout to them in the presence of their immense wealth, power, and prestige. If aliens came to Earth from afar, and said "show us the best of your lot", the Statists would say, "here they are-- the creme-de-la-creme!"

The pathetic reality is that these people aren't great-- in fact, they're not even average.
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