The Exigent Duality
I Fled to Escape This Nonsense - 10:32 CDT, 1/30/22 (Sniper)
Had our first Mass with the bishop's WuFlu Burqa "mandate" in place. Maybe only ten percent of people were wearing them, a good sign. Our priest was not, but they had the servers-- children-- flooding their bloodstreams with CO2. It's in God's plan that they have deficient brain growth, I guess.

The choir was singing, but half of them had diapers duct taped to their faces, so you couldn't hear them. They didn't have us greet one another after the opening introduction. Verboten. Might breath on each other by accident.

Apparently people aren't "allowed" to bring the gifts forward anymore, something my daughter and I do fairly often. Because people are biohazards, right? So the gifts were already up at the front, causing total chaos with both the servers and ministers having no clue what to do. Our priest was doing a lot of stern-faced head-jerk directing. He did not proceed out of the building in the normal way, and did not greet people warmly as they left Mass.

They did not offer wine. You know, the blood of Christ. You know, The Sacrament. You know, the reason why the Mass exists as "a thing" in the first place. I know the Catholic Church considers it a mortal sin to miss Mass. But isn't that a two way street? If the Mass isn't providing The Sacrament, and you're not allowed to interact with anyone, then why not just watch it on TV?

I found out that the bishop was anticipating the nearest big city-- we're "stuck" in his diocese, an hour drive away-- would issue a Burqa "mandate". That didn't happen. But now he can't take his away without looking like a moron. Which he is. So now we're in a situation where the Church is more authoritarian than the secular government.

Because Jesus said you should "drink of this wine"-- unless you're afraid of getting the sniffles. Because the literal Word of God commands you to turn people away if they won't tape a piece of toilet paper to their face. Yeah, I think I remember those verses.

I'm by a mile not ditching Catholicism, even remotely. In fact, my kids will soon be full-on card carrying members, in May. But at the same time I can understand why some of the most ardent adherents of Christ are so-called "non-denominational": fewer barriers between you and Jesus.

I tried to just put all of this aside and really focus on me, and God. But the whole situation was distracting for everyone there, to put it mildly.