The Exigent Duality
Higher Standards - 06:52 CDT, 6/29/21 (Sniper)
I can't get over the standard of play at this year's Euros: just to name two examples, check out the match between France and Switzerland, or the one between Croatia and Spain. The fascinating thing is that, in spite of all the goals scored, the defending is generally and by historical standards quite good: players are closed down, and the teams are organized-- rather, there has been one wonder goal after another.

On a different topic, I've been trying to simplify my life to reduce stress-- and it's working. On the first part, being out in the country and away from the hedonism, violence, and cultural absurdity of the city has done wonders. On the second part, I now have only one old video game system set up-- my PC Engine-- while I nuked both of my hard drives completely, and installed only Windows 10: this means only one operating system to continuously patch, plus all of my files are always at my finger tips.

Between the move, selling my old property, my car breaking down, multiple enormous vet bills in quick succession, layoffs at my employer, managing an intern, and too many other things to count, the pressure has certainly been there-- and yet I've kept trucking, while my sleep has been fairly steady. I would not have been able to juggle this many balls in my old routine.