The Exigent Duality
The Crazy Train - 17:22 CDT, 6/28/21 (Sniper)
The lengthy discussion here regarding the "controversy" surrounding Alex's take on AMD's "FSR" technology was somewhat grating, in the sense that they can't talk about the elephant in the room, and instead need to feign bemusement at why people on The Twatter were upset.

DLSS is not possible on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, because the AMD GPUs don't have dedicated silicon towards facilitating AI-based image reconstruction in the same way that Nvidia's hardware does. Regular readers can attest that I've said all along that these new consoles were and are not competitive with contemporary gaming PCs, right from day one and onwards forever, due to this "hole" in their fundamental capabilities.

The aforementioned elephant in the room is that the console fanboys, who just sunk a bunch of money into one of these two new systems and are thus tribal and defensive about their choice, are desperate for some magical fairy unicorn to come along and bring these new systems on par with gaming PCs-- so when AMD gave them the "FSR" straw, they grasped onto it for dear life, insisting-- as I saw in many "professional" headlines-- that it was AMD's "DLSS competitor."

So then here comes poor Alex, stating the obvious in his review that "FSR" is just a marginally-better-than-bilinear spatial upscaler-- which is exactly what it is-- the fanboys blew their lids. Even I could have told them up front that the two technologies don't work in even remotely the same way. I think they should just be happy with what they have versus harboring a PC inferiority complex: I've been playing Series X and PlayStation 5 since launch, and I think the games look great as they are.

Partially off topic, but I also wish people wouldn't just dump on the "Amico" before it's even come out: I looked at it with an open mind, and it looks really cool once you understand what they're trying to do; modern systems are so complex and over-engineered, that having a physical media-based system you just turn on and play arcade-style games, in seconds, is going to be great.