The Exigent Duality
Amusement - 08:00 CDT, 5/19/21 (Sniper)
This doesn't really impact me anymore as I only have three days left of living in Murderapolis before I permanently relocate to the rural-- formerly known as bug out-- house, where virtually no one followed the WuFlu Burqa "mandate" in the first place. But, it's still fun to muse.

I wrote about my restaurant experience in this post already-- what I didn't mention is that I also went into the local "Cub Foods" grocery store; probably ninety percent of the customers still had them on! However, less than half of the employees were wearing them.

Speaking of relocating, this server might be down for a few days over this upcoming weekend as I physically relocate it to the rural house: I'll have a lot of moving to get done, so I may not get around to setting it up on the network right away.