The Exigent Duality
The Myth of Pluralism - 15:18 CDT, 4/24/21 (Sniper)
You know that usual deal with politicians: "are they evil, or stupid?" In Sadiq Khan's case, I think he's just an idiot.

When Breadline Bernie visited the Soviet Union in the 1980s, he came back ecstatic about how great the place was. Meanwhile, other people who visited during that same time-- who were perhaps part of the same entourage even-- were laughingly remarking behind his back, "What in the world is he on about? I've never seen a more dilapidated dump in my life!"

Bernie was looking at the same scenes, but seeing them differently, through his Commie Red-tinted glasses: he could see, but was blind.

So it is with Sadiq Khan. He's so deep into having drank the "diversity is our strength" Kool-Aid, that he's incapable of questioning the totally and obviously wrong mantra, or even of producing evidence to support it as he promulgates it!

"Our many identities don’t contradict each other, rather they make us stronger", he says. "That's why...", he goes on, "...we must reject those who claim to be patriots by trying to narrow what it means to be English as a way of excluding others."

How does it make "us" stronger? No evidence is forthcoming: he merely drops these unsubstantiated statements, and moves on.

This is such a backwards take on things it makes my head spin. Try dropping a practicing Christian into Sharia Law, and see how long it takes for them to wind up getting executed. Similarly, take a strict adherent to Sharia Law, and see how long it takes them to wind up in jail in a Christian nation-- or not wind up in jail, since this is England we're talking about... but that can be a topic for another day.

In my own country, the Left believe in Cultural Marxism, while I'm an adherent to Classical Liberalism. The two world views are literally "contradictory", to use Khan's word-- they are diametrically opposed! They, again quite literally, can not co-exist at the same time! Take a trip to North Korea and try not worshipping the "Dear Leader"-- let me know what happens, if you can get a communication out before the anti-aircraft gun discharges in your direction.

I could go on and on: the examples proving my point-- and proving Khan wrong-- are nearly inexhaustible!

Getting now to his table-flipping sophistry about how the common Englishman-- born and bred-- is somehow the aggressor: other people-- foreigners-- have come into their country, and codified into law values which are not compatible with their own.

How many times do you need to be told you're a racist because your ancestor ten generations ago went across the ocean and beat up a Native American, before you start to get frustrated-- right after you were nice enough to let the very person making this absurd claim into your country? Is not the totally logical and rational response, "Fine, then go back to where you came from!"

Even the word "pluralism" is a contradiction: the only way it "works" is if everyone shares that value-- which means it's no longer a pluralistic society-- rather, it's a monoculture, of shared values!

The mistake the English whites made was buying into this "pluralism" myth in the first place, propagated by sophists like Sadiq Khan: "Sure, we'll just let everyone in, our values aren't contradictory!" As I've written before, "diversity" is a weakness, not a strength. Brexit was a great step in the right direction, but now the world needs about one hundred more such events to transpire.