The Exigent Duality
She Dindunuffin! - 06:57 CDT, 4/23/21 (Sniper)
One would have to be crazy to be a cop in America today: here were black people kicking in each other's heads and trying to stab each other, and somehow it's white people's fault. Hah!

They could have put Derek Chauvin up for execution through quartering via first degree murder in cold blood, and he would have been found guilty.

If I went to a bus stop let's say and started trying to stab people, I too would get shot by either a cop, or one of the people at the bus stop-- obviously the outcome would have and has nothing to do with race. But also obviously, that's missing the point: Marxists gonna' Marxist.

Cops should stop going to black neighborhoods: let them knife and shoot each other. The non-problematic blacks would then flee and migrate into civil society.