The Exigent Duality
Slow-Motion Train Wreck - 14:23 CDT, 9/04/20 (Sniper)
If you accede to the face diapering now, that will be used as precedent for forced vaccination; and if you accede to the forced vaccination, that will be used as a precedent for microchipping. Don't go along with the masking now, so you'll have a leg to stand on for the more insidious things which are sure to come later, if a stand isn't made.

Totally obvious. Common sense. It's startling that I even need to explain this to people.

But now, the stakes are even higher: Pocahontas and her gang want to declare resistance to Cultural Marxist dogma as a "public health crisis": it will be like my employer not allowing anyone to criticize domestic terrorists, only praise them-- except this time, nation-wide and at the barrel of a gun.

The explanation given for this legislation is that resistance to so-called "anti-racism"-- aka Cultural Marxism-- is a "public health crisis": and "public health crises", as we learned from the lockdowns and face diaper mandates, require extraordinary measures!

How extraordinary? Mobs of "Black Lives Matter" domestic terrorists have spent the past few weeks across a wide variety of American cities shouting at homes, via megaphones, that white people need to hand over their property to black people. Sure enough, the wording in this very bill explains that any time a black person doesn't have some possession, it's due to "systemic racism".

Do the algebra now; solve for X: a black person not having a possession which a white person does have, whether that's money or a car or a house or you-name-it, will be a "public health crisis", and will require "extraordinary measures", using the face diapering and lockdowns as a template.

We are one step away from South Africa.